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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google's algorithm keep evolving year in, year out, but there's one thing that isn't changing: Backlinks.

Backlinks is a popular term in the game of SEO, the reason being that it plays an important role in Google's algorithm of ranking websites. To be up on the SEO game, you need relevant SEO tools to win on Google's search pages, including backlink tools.

Here on Small SEO Tools, we’ve created tons of super useful SEO tools to help you skyrocket your business online. From text content tools, to image editing tools, to keyword tools, to backlinks tools, you can get over 120 remarkable tools here, all for FREE. These digital marketing tools are all available on our home page.

On this article, we’ll be highlighting our backlink tools to help you generate thousands of quality links and boost your site's rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs).


your website backlinks


But first, what’s the buzz about backlinks? Why do they matter?

Let's take a look at what backlinks are, and why they are such a big deal for the growth of your business as long as your website is concerned. This will help you understand why you need these backlinks tools.




Backlinks are links that are pointing from one domain or website to another. Also known as incoming links or inbound links, backlinks are created when an external website links to your own site.

This diagram explains it:


what are backlinks


These links can come from directories, social media, .edu sites, .gov sites, forums, and in most cases, from blogs.

The internet comprises of websites, webpages, links, content and more. These websites are all connected together by links. Now, a backlink is created when one websites links up to another. This is different from internal links which are generated by linking up web pages on the same website.

With the definition out of the way, let's move ahead to see its importance to SEO.




Google is always about providing its users with the MOST relevant results based on their queries on the search engine. These results are in the form of content, images, and videos. Basically, when you create relevant and high-quality content that matches the search intent of Google users, Google will show your content to the searcher by placing your web page on its first result page.

However, for your content to rank high, your website and pages would have to have backlinks. With literally billions of web pages on the Internet, this is what Google uses to know how relevant and authoritative a website is — backlinks.

So typically, when multiple websites link to your site, you’ll get Google's ranking juice. In other words, the more sites that are linking to your website, the higher Google will rank your pages.


number of backlinks


Brian Dean of Backlinko confirmed that backlinks are one of Google's top ranking factors when he teamed up to analyzed 1 million search results on Google. Brain’s analysis revealed that the strongest correlating factor for ranking on Google is backlinks. Other SEO experts and even Google has confirmed that links remain one of their three most important search engine ranking factors.


top ranking factors


Backlinks carries a lot of weight as it sends a signal to Google on the relevance, authority, and quality of your website. Although backlinks are an important factor for ranking on SERPs, what matters to Google is high-quality backlinks. So, backlinks isn't a game of numbers but a game of quality.

So, what are high-quality and low-quality backlinks?

High-quality backlinks are incoming links from authority sites, related sites, and sites that have earned Google's trust via relevancy.


good quality backlinks


On the other hand, low-quality backlinks are incoming links from sites with low domain authority, unrelated sites, and from link farms. The point here is, if you don't build high-quality backlink, your site will be lost on Google result pages. You know what that means, right? No traffic. And it will ultimately translate to zero sales.

But wait! Don't freak out yet.

The right backlink tools can help you avoid no traffic and zero sales drama. Using the right backlink tools ensures you build high-quality backlinks, improve your SEO and site's performance, which will get you a coveted spot on Google's SERPs.




The following are our best backlinks tools that will help you generate more high-quality links for completely free.






We've emphasized the importance of building quality backlinks and why it matters to Google. Low-quality links can hurt your site's SEO effort to rank high. Even, Google’s Penguin algorithm took down websites that were found to have low-quality backlinks. This is to show you why you should keep track of the backlinks your site is getting so you don't get stuck in negative SEO.

And how do you track and assess your site's backlinks to know which is high quality and low quality?

It's simple. Our free effective Backlink Checker comes handy to fix it up. This tool will help you conduct a thorough link analysis of every backlink that your website has, as well as that of your competitors. It will also help you know the value of each of the links.


backlink checker


What's more? Our Backlink Checker is more effective as it's integrated with Ahrefs’ powerful engine. This is what singles it out from other free SEO tools out there. And when you are able to weigh the value of this incoming links, you can take the necessary action to clean up your link profile.

Start using Backlink Checker »»



As your link profile has been thoroughly examined and cleaned up, you need to start building high-quality backlinks to get your site to rank on search engine result pages. And also, these quality links will help build your domain authority considering that domain authority correlates with higher rankings as shown in Backlinko's findings. This is one of the most important ways to appear on Google's top page.

And that's where our free Backlink Maker tool comes in. Not only does this handy tool have the capacity to deliver awesome results, it is also super-easy to use. With it, you can generate multiple quality backlinks in just a few mouse clicks.


link analyzer


The Backlink Maker tool complies with Google's recommended guidelines for link building and SEO best practices.

Start using Backlink Maker »»



If you are trying to incorporate link building into your SEO campaigns, then you already know that Google dislikes low-quality backlinks, especially when they are coming from link farms (sites established for the sole purpose of reproducing backlinks) and punishes them. So, it's important you conduct a regular check of all the external links on your webpages to be sure of their quality.

Our fast and easy Link Count Checker tool is what you need to count and check your links, to know which to remove or keep. And not only that, you can use it to know the number of internal links on the webpages on your site.


website link checker


Plus, it's fast and extremely easy to use.

Start using Website Link Count Checker »»



Broken links literally mean dead links. They are links that are no longer working.

Let's check this scenario:

You were searching for information online, came across a link and you clicked on it. The link opened and took you to a page that says "404 error page." Now, how would you feel about that? Frustrated, right? Well, that's exactly how your site visitors feel when they click on a dead link on your site. Broken links send visitors to nowhere and that's a bad user experience.

Broken links drive prospects away and can damage your site's reputation which will, in turn, lead to revenue loss. With all these going on, it will affect your website's ranking in search results. Though Google stated that one or two broken links on your site won’t affect your site's rankings, but it does in other ways.


broken link checker


Here's how:


Google seeks to provide users with a great experience while they are using the search engine. Broken links can frustrate your site visitors and are bad for your site rankings. When they get to your site and turn back immediately, it sends a warning signal to Google RankBrain that your page isn't relevant or reliable. Even more, a site with multiple broken links will be perceived by Google as a low-quality website. It’s best practice to identify, remove and update any broken link on your website.

And to that effect, our free Broken Link Checker can help you get the broken links fixed. It’s user-friendly and effective in spotting out link problems. All you have to do is to enter your site's URL in the space provided and click the "Check" button. And that's all.

And when you use the Broken Link Checker to fix your site's broken links, it will add more quality to your website and at the same time, improve your site's overall user experience and rankings.


internal link checker


Start using Broken Link Checker »»



As a webmaster or site owner, are you planning on selling and purchasing backlinks? Or do you intend to start advertising other people's text links on your site? Whichever one you want to do, the well-designed Link Price Calculator will sure get it done for you. When calculating, it takes into account PageRank, Alexa rank, the age of the site and more. It will help you find the worth of a link for free.


adsense calculator


Selling ads is one of the ways to monetize your website, but many site owners end up not knowing what to charge advertisers that want to place a text ad link on their site. But with this tool, you will get to know what to charge to make a fair deal that will benefit both you and your clients.

The same thing applies when you are buying or selling backlinks. As pagerank is a determinant of the quality of backlink, our tool will provide you with relevant results to know whether a backlink is worth investing in or not.

Start using Link Price Calculator »»



Link exchange among similar websites is a popular SEO technique for optimizing websites and a lot of partnerships have been established on this.

As time goes by, one partner may remove the other person's links without the knowledge of the partner. We developed the Reciprocal Link Checker tool to help site owners check if their partner's link is pointing to their website. And you don't even need to visit your partner's site to verify.


reciprocal link checker


This free tool will help you do that and it will also show you the anchor text used by your partner to link your content. It gives you a quick report on how many reciprocal links you have.

When you monitor your reciprocal links on a regular basis, you’ll get to keep a good page rank on SERPs.


Start using Reciprocal Link Checker »»




As your website keeps growing and publishing more content, chances are that you and your guest writers have been linking to other websites. Also, other sites may be linking to your site randomly.  

Overtime, some of the websites you've been linking to may go down in quality or their pages may become irrelevant to your website. And there's no guarantee that all the sites that have been linking to you are high-quality or relevant.
With Google stance on low-quality sites, you might want to carry out a thorough check of all the links on your site and clean them up to evade Google's penalty and prevent your site's rankings from going down.

Our super-efficient Link Analyzer tool will help you review all the links, both inbound and outbound links that are on your website. It’s a great tool to use for an in-depth link audit to keep your site free from bad links. It generates reliable results for internal, external and even nofollow links. It all depends on the results you want to generate.


link analyzer tool


You can also use the tool to be ahead of your competitors. By reviewing your competitor’s link building strategies with this tool, you will have a better backlink report to improve on your site's performance.


Start using Website Link Analyser »»




When it comes to using backlink as a ranking factor, what counts is how valuable the backlink is. The source of the backlink will determine its value. For Google, it's not in the numbers but the quality. So, one backlink from a relevant and authoritative site is worth more than multiple backlinks from low-quality sites.

To be sure you are playing the ranking game by Google's rule, you need to analyze the incoming links to your site and also identify their sources. And you can do that with our Valuable Backlink Checker.


backlink checker


The Valuable Backlink Checker is the most effective tool for analyzing your site's backlinks. It is built off of Ahrefs’ engine, which has a huge backlink database comprising of 12+ trillion links and over 212 billion pages and a regular update done every 15 minutes.

This awesome tool does more than showing you valuable backlinks on your site, it also shows the keywords that are generating the most links, as well as your best performing content.

With such information, you can build a better backlink profile and improve your SEO.


Start using Valuable Backlink Checker »»



A backlink is one of the main foundations for good SEO. They give weight to your site's relevance and ranking on SERPs. To remain on top of your SEO game, ensure that your backlinks are coming from quality websites. This is the only way your link building efforts will pay off.

You can start your link building campaign by making use of the great backlinks tools we've listed here. They are your best shot at getting 1000s of backlinks for free.

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