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Video sharing websites are becoming more and more popular with time. That’s the reason YouTube is no longer the only website that allows you to watch your favorite videos.

Every minute, a total of 300 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube while 5 billion videos are being watched on a daily basis by 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds.

Despite this massive usage, YouTube is quite limited when it comes to downloading the videos on it. Same goes for other social media websites and apps including Facebook and Instagram.

Reason? They only want users to watch the videos on the website and not download it. Their idea is to get people to come back again and again. This increases ad views/clicks (their main income stream) and builds up engagement.

But so many people often want to download their favorite videos. Google recognizes this and only provides a rather rudimentary solution to the problem.

For instance, they only let you “download” some of the videos into your offline “YouTube account” which is connected to your Google account. The downloaded videos can’t make their way to your local storage but will only stay on YouTube.

And these downloads only remain available if your device has an Internet connection every 29 days. Even at that, it isn’t all YouTube videos that are downloadable using this format.

But wait, wouldn’t you rather have a system that lets you download ANY videos you want without any limitations or restrictions?

Well, now you do!

With our Video Downloader, downloading videos of choice from different websites couldn’t be any better or easier.

Video Downloader [by Small SEO Tools] is a free web tool that allows you to download and convert online videos so that you can watch them whenever you want, even without internet connection.

video downloader

This tool is built to be easy to use and fast-performing. Video Downloader is also designed to save you lots of bandwidth while downloading your favorite videos.

Coupled with that, our tool supports lightning fast multistream downloading and allows you to save several videos in their original quality in just a few seconds.

With a friendly interface, the Video Downloader is very easy to use. Here are the steps:

  • Step #1: All you have to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  • Step #2: On the tool area above, paste the URL in the space provided.
  • Step #3: Click on the “Submit” button.

Next, you will get the results in a matter of seconds with an option to save the video to your computer or smartphone for free.

download videos free

One concern that often pops up when it comes to the topic of downloading videos from Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform is whether or not it is legal to download the videos.

There are two sides to it:

In dealing with copyright issues, as long as you’re downloading a video for your own personal offline use, then you’re probably not doing anything illegal. However, we think there should be an exception for commercial uses.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT support downloading copyrighted videos of other people to use with commercial intent and that is not what this tool is created for.

But in dealing with Google’s terms, you’d be straying from Google’s original demand if you download videos to watch online.

Here’s why:

Watching videos offline takes money out of Google’s pocket. It could also take money off the the wallets of the video creators (with exception for non-monetized videos).

Video sharing websites run different types of ads, including pre-roll and interruptive ads. That’s the way they make money and for some contributors, that’s how they make money, too.

Google’s idea is to serve you with free, super-quality videos while you in turn view or click on ads. If you download the videos to watch offline, you are not keeping your own end of the bargain.

But you have your reasons, right?

In some circles, it is more helpful to download a video than go back to the same site repeatedly.

For instance, you can download YouTube videos for eLearning purposes. Nowadays, many colleges and universities encourage eLearning and video sharing websites is a very crucial element on that front. You can use a video downloader tool like ours to download eLearning videos and re-watch them as many times as you like, without wasting your data over and over again.

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