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Free Grammar Checker

Grammar checker is here to improve content quality by rectifying grammatical mistakes. Eradicate punctuation, spelling, syntax, and other English errors from your text with this online grammar check tool!

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Online Grammar Check Free Tool

SmallSEOTools offers an AI-based free writing checker to aid the proofreading phase for anyone involved in the writing tasks. This grammar correction tool is based on advanced algorithms that identify mistakes and provide context-based suggestions to resolve them. No matter how many pieces of content you wish to proofread, you can use this grammar checker free online tool without facing any restrictions or paying a penny. There is no need to worry about finding grammar mistakes on your own, as this automated writing assistant is readily available round the clock.

How Does this Free Grammar Checker Help to Improve Your Content?

Improving your content concerning grammar could become a tricky task, especially if you don’t have a strong grip on grammar rules. The online grammar editor can prove to be vital for you in certain conditions, as it helps you to fix grammar blunders. Our grammar check free tool can provide correct grammar online and help to improve your content in the following ways.

  • Point Out Punctuation Mistakes

The grammar checker lets users detect missing or misplaced punctuation marks in their content. You can easily find grammar mistakes and rectify them without anyone’s assistance.

  • Highlight Grammatical Errors

To make the online grammar check process simple and smooth, the grammar corrector highlights the errors existing in your uploaded article. This online grammar checker provides you with an easy way to fix grammar mistakes; all you need to do is click over highlighted mistakes and take the suggestions to correct them.

  • Repair Sentence Structure

Besides grammar mistake checking, you can also use this advanced grammar correction tool to check structure issues. The sentence structure carries immense importance concerning content quality. You can repair each sentence that isn’t structured correctly with the help of this free grammar check online tool.

  • Avoid Inappropriate Commas

Correcting sentences requires appropriate usage of punctuation and commas. You can correct sentences online and ensure the readability of your content with the help of our grammar checker online. This tool smartly identifies the incorrect usage or exclusion of commas in the sentences of any article in no time.

  • Knockout Spell Mistakes

Making spelling blunders while writing is ordinary. Unfamiliarity with the accurate spelling of a word or less attention is the leading cause for making a fallacy in writing. But you don’t need to worry, as our free spell check tool is perfect for spelling and grammar checks at once and provides the most appropriate corrections. It highlights all the words, so it’s the best way to avoid spelling errors in a fraction of a second. 

Types of Errors Our Grammar Corrector Detects

This grammatical error checker conducts an in-depth grammar check on your uploaded text to help you make as many corrections as possible. You can use this tool to check grammar mistakes online without anyone’s assistance. The types of grammatical errors our online grammar corrector can detect include the following.

  • Subject-Verb Agreement

This grammar rule is one of the most essential and necessary to follow in writing. It involves the usage of the correct verbs as per the subject in the sentences. This English corrector can highlight such errors from your text and help you to make grammatical error corrections.

Error: Zack like fast food.
English Correction: Zack likes fast food.
  • Active/Passive Voice Problem

Active voice is better than passive voice because it is less complicated. This English grammar check tool smartly detects passive highlights and prompts users to rewrite in active voice.

Passive: The thieves were being chased by the cops. 
Active: The cops were chasing the thieves.
  • Error in Definite and Indefinite Articles-

The articles have a significant role in English grammar and make your sentences grammatically correct. You should know the proper usage of definite and indefinite articles. If you don’t know how to check English grammar, you can use the free grammar corrector to eliminate such issues from your text.

Error: I have beautiful house.
English Correction: I have a beautiful house.
  • Wrong Apostrophes

Apostrophes have different uses in the English language, and people often get confused while using them. If you struggle to implement apostrophes in your text correctly, you no longer need to worry. This online grammar correction tool helps you rectify mistakes without following convoluted procedures.

Error: What’s your's will find you.
English Correction: What’s yours will find you.
  • Silly Words Usage

Over time, several English slang words have come into existence that is commonly used in informal conversations. However, you should avoid using silly words while writing a formal document. This spelling and grammar check online free facility can help you deal with such errors.

Error: I will betcha for this case.
English Correction: I will bet you for this case.

Fix Grammar with a Few Clicks

The writing correction tool on SmallSEOTools doesn’t require you to follow convoluted procedures to check grammar mistakes. You don’t need to follow an intricate registration process to access this writing corrector. This English checker allows you to fix grammar for free with a couple of clicks on your device. By simply pasting the text or uploading the document on this correct grammar checker, you can identify and fix grammar errors within no time.

The following super-easy steps allow you to get assistance from this grammar corrector online.

  • Firstly, paste your content into the text box of our free online grammar checker. Also, you can upload the file from your computer or cloud storage.
  • Click on the “Grammar Check” button to initiate the process.
  • The tool will show your screen the desired results immediately. 

Benefits of Online Grammar Corrector

The free grammar corrector has various advantages for its users. You can use this writing check online to make English grammar corrections in your text while enjoying the following benefits.

  • Free Grammar Check

Don’t you have enough budget to purchase a premium online proofreader? Our free online grammar checker and corrector don’t need any subscription to use its services. You can correct grammar mistakes unlimited times without paying a single penny to anyone. 

  • Saves Time

This English grammar checker online tool displays results for its users in several instances. This automated grammar correction utility provides accurate outcomes without asking you to spend a minute.

  • Use Grammar Fixer Without Installation

The users aren’t required to install any specific application or plugin for using this online grammar check tool. You can use this web-based tool without worrying about burdening your device with a specific software program.

  • Boost Writing Skills

Writing skills matter a lot for every writer, and they need to polish them over time to ensure their content quality is intact. This grammar corrector free utility allows its users to online check writing errors and fix them. The suggestions and explanations given alongside each highlighted error shown by this online writing checker can help you to learn from your mistakes and get an idea of how to avoid them.

  • Improve Content Quality

This content grammar checker online software enhances your content's quality by fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and comma errors. You can use this facility to check the text and eliminate grammatical errors in your content without facing any intricacies.

  • Make the Concept Clear

The primary role of grammar is to clarify your text, and this grammar checker online allows you to achieve this aim like a pro. You can make your content concept unambiguous by correcting grammar errors with this grammar check online utility or by rewriting the complicated content. 

  • Multiple Correction Per Error

It isn’t enough to check grammatical mistakes until you are not suggested to overcome these problems. Fortunately, with our advanced English grammar checker, you will get multiple corrections against each error which gives you the freedom to select the one that can serve the best.

  • Provide Presentable Sentence Formation

The English grammar check tool allows you to correct the sentence formation and enhance the readability flow of your article. This online grammar checker helps users make the text and sentences more presentable. 

  • Error-Free Document

When delivering any textual content, you must ensure your document contains no errors. The grammar mistakes checker can be a vital resource in this regard, as it provides a hassle-free way of checking and correcting grammatical errors in your text.

  • Correct Grammar Mistakes in +20 Languages

Our online grammar checker free utility allows you to correct grammar errors in over 20 languages. YES, you hear it right. It is more than an ordinary English checker. Its outstanding features make it more powerful than the famous Grammarly check website. This grammar corrector can grab errors in 20+ languages, including French, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, etc.

Why is Grammar Correction Essential in the Academic Field?

Submitting assignments, thesis, and reports is an integral part of academics. The professor never accepts writing with plagiarism or sentence structure errors because it kills their creativity. Moreover, content with silly faults can affect a student's overall score in a subject. That’s why it is inevitable for students to give their 100% on grammar correction and ensure that the content is free from all mistakes to get a higher grade in the subject. Our online grammar check tool will be a helping hand in making your sentences grammatically correct and finding bugs in writing.

Disadvantages of Manual Proofreading

Instead of proofreading documents with the grammar checker free online tool, you can conduct this task manually, but it will involve several drawbacks. Firstly, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of time carrying out this chore. Reading lengthy articles and finding grammar mistakes on your own requires ample time. In addition, the high chance of errors being left out is another disadvantage of manual proofreading. No matter how deeply you proofread a document, you’ll never be able to achieve 100% accuracy. Therefore, it’s better to rely on an online grammar correction tool. If you don’t wish to go through the struggles of finding errors and then rectifying them, then the grammar checker online free tool is the best option to rely on.

Grammar Checker: Ensuring Accurate and Flawless Writing

Using correct grammar in writing is essential to convey your message clearly and effectively. Grammatical errors not only make your writing difficult to understand, but they can also affect your credibility as a writer. That's why using a grammar checker is crucial to ensure your writing is error-free and easy to comprehend.

But, what about plagiarism? Plagiarism can also harm your authority as a writer and can lead to serious consequences, including legal repercussions. That's why it's important to use the plagiarism checker free by SmallSEOTools to make sure your writing is free of any copied content. By using a plagiarism checker alongside a grammar checker, you can be confident that your writing is not only accurate and flawless but also authentic and plagiarism-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I Do Comma Corrections with this Tool?

Yes! You can use this article checker to make comma corrections in your content. Our comma checker helps you to identify the places in your text where a comma is missing or misplaced.

  • How Can I Make Writing More Effective with this Grammar Corrector?

This grammar corrector allows you to check grammatical errors in your written pieces. It is a great resource for making your writing effective, as it detects context-based mistakes and provides accurate suggestions to resolve them.

  • What Kind of Grammar Errors Can It Highlight?

Our online English grammar checker is capable of detecting and highlighting all kinds of grammatical errors, which include punctuation mistakes, issues in sentence structure, grammar blunders, and inappropriate usage of commas. 

  • Does this Grammar Online Editing Tool Work as an Essay Checker for Students?

Yes! This online grammar editing tool works as a free essay checker for students and allows them to make their academic work free of all kinds of grammatical mistakes.

  • How Can I Get Access to this Free Grammar Checker?

This grammar checker online free tool doesn’t ask you to get a specific device or install any software program or plugin. You can access this tool by just having a stable internet connection.

  • How Can I Check Grammar Mistakes in My Paragraph?

To check grammar mistakes in the content, you need to paste the text in the given box and press the button to initiate the process.

  • How Can I Check Writing Grammar Mistakes?

This online English grammar checker can check writing grammar mistakes in your text. You can also use this tool to remove all the highlighted errors in your uploaded article.

  • What Content is Suitable for English Grammar Check?

To identify grammar mistakes, you can enter any content in this English grammar check online facility. The tool allows you to upload a document easily or directly paste any sentence, paragraph, essay, and blog for an instant English grammar check.

  • How Can I Correct My Grammar and Punctuation for Free?

You can correct grammar and punctuation errors for free in your text with the help of our grammar corrector. This tool doesn’t charge a penny from its users, no matter how many times you use it to detect and correct grammatical errors.

  • How to Check Grammar in Sentences with an Online Grammar Editor?

Whatever sentences you want to check, you can paste them into our best grammar checker free tool and press the check grammar button to start the process and find errors.

  • How to Check Grammar Online?

To check grammar online, you can access SmallSEOTools through your web browser, open the English grammar check online tool, paste content, and click the given button to instantly get your hands on accurate results.

  • Can I Check my Grammar and Spell Blunders at Once?

Of course! Our free online grammar checker scans all your text and highlights grammatical and spelling mistakes in a fraction of a second.

  • What is a Run-on Sentence Error in English Writing?

The writing errors caused by the use of inappropriate punctuation is known as run-on sentence error. For example, if you insert a comma at the end of a sentence instead of a full stop, and start writing the following sentence, it will cause a run-on sentence error.

  • How Do I Know “Is This Sentence Correct or Incorrect”?

You can simply paste the text on our professional grammar checker to find out if it includes any sort of grammatical mistakes. For instance, if you write “We were going to London” and paste it on our facility, then it will highlight “was” as an error and suggest you make it “were,” so it will become “we were going to London.” So, this is the best grammar checker English tool for text correction.

  • Is there a Free Tool like Grammarly to Proofread Texts?

If you are looking for free Grammarly alternatives, have the best grammar checker option. You can use this grammar check free utility to proofread as many textual files as you desire without facing any limitations.


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