Samsung Sued For Copying The Smartwatch Designs Allegedly

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Samsung Sued For Copying The Smartwatch Designs Allegedly


Samsung has been accused of making downloadable smartwatch faces that look identical to their versions and infringe Swatch trademarks. The complaint was filed in the US district court and use the name Samsung gear support specifically which includes Gear 3 classic and frontier smartwatches. The watchmaker company made reacquisition of $100 million in the trial over this issue.

Swatch claims that over thirty of the Samsung watches were similar or virtually similar to its already owned trademarks. Also, at one place the report says, the people will think that these two companies have some secret deal going on thus mislead them; therefore, this unfair business practice should be put an end to.

The complaint also further reports that these Samsung watch faces are available in the Play store for download and are designed by third-party developers, but still, Samsung takes a bit of the earnings. According to Swatch the issue is willful and is an international violation of their trademark by Samsung; also the brands that were affected are worth a billion. Anyhow Samsung has denied to comment so far, and the outcome is still unknown.

Samsung is a major manufacturer of electronic components that was once said to have copied Apple’s hardware design and a year or two ago Samsung had to pay more than five hundred million to Apple in damages. The story of today quite familiarizes with the past, and the results will let us know whether the accusations made are correct or was this just an attempt to hit an invisible bulls-eye.


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