Which One Is Better? Windows 8.1 Or Windows 10!

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Which One Is Better? Windows 8.1 Or Windows 10!


There are more similarities than differences. Windows was made for better faster boot up time, and faster in loading applications, in short, it was developed to give you speed you always wished for. There are many recommendations of hardware for using Windows 10. The minimum is one gigabit of ram for 32 bit and two gigabits for 64 bit with at least sixteen gigabits of free space and a one gigahertz processor. These are the minimum requirements for just running this version of Windows so does not expect any speed boost with this installed hardware.

So, if we are talking about a laptop that has 16GB of ram and a processor of the eighth generation with a powerful GPU Only then we can measure the actual performance of Windows which is as follows:

  • PC booting/startup time

If you think that the booting time of Windows 10 is way better than Windows 8.1 then no, the difference is only of a few milliseconds. If Windows 8.1 is taking around 9 seconds then Windows 10 will take 8.3 seconds which isn’t a significant difference but is better than Windows 8.1 isn’t it?

  • Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

The built-in browser also now known a Microsoft edge loads fifty times faster than it does on Windows 8.1. How much is that fifty times? Let’s say if Windows 8.1 took one second to start a browser then Windows 10 will take 0.5 seconds, which again isn’t a big difference and unnoticeable for a lot of people.

  • Microsoft Word and Excel

The apps opening and processing time is almost ten percent better than the previous version of Windows. Which means Windows 10 is a little better from the earlier version because of slight differences.

  • Gaming

Will you be surprised to hear if I say there was no difference in the FPS of the games? Well, there was a negligible difference of almost two to three FPS. This difference is wholly ignorable, but still, for gaming Windows 8.1 is preferred because of that slight 2 to 3 FPS difference.

  • Battery life

Well, it’s not a surprise after reading up there about the minute differences. The battery time while working as in writing, surfing the internet doesn’t affect much the only difference is of a few minutes which can be less than fifteen. If we talk about battery life while gaming then you will see a massive imbalance. This is where Windows 8.1 again takes the lead, but while watching movies Windows, 10 does have something hidden going in the background to stop services to maximize battery life and performs better.


Pro/Enterprise, Home/Basic Edition of Windows:

Basic or home version doesn’t include any business-related features and is entirely made to be used at home. The speed is the same in all editions, and the only difference is a few extra features.

Pro version is made for business and comes packed with corporate domains, workplace join, participating in group policy. Which is why it is referred to the companies and does not improve or deteriorate the loading speed of the operating system

Enterprise Version is similar to the pro version, but it adds a few more features like Direct Access, BranchCache, App Locker, Virtual desktop infrastructure known as VDI.


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