Plagiarism Checker API

An Advanced Plagiarism Checker API

Plagiarism Checker API with
Deep Search Technology

Get ready to check plagiarism with advanced AI-based technology. The instant results generation and detailed report about plagiarized phrases, sentences, or passages will enlighten you about the shreds of duplication in your content.

Empower Yourself with a Plagiarism Checker API to Escalate Your Content Development Strategy

How Can Plagiarism Checker Help Your Business?

The duplicate content detector API provided by SmallSEOTools brings ease to your threshold. It runs similarity checks on the content you publish to save you from any unpleasant circumstances. Now, the time has come to not be a victim of the circumstances but a master of your business’s growth strategy. Rather than being penalized by the search engines due to duplicated content, it’s better to take prerequisite measures to save yourself.


Sentence Wise Checking

Most of the plagiarism checker APIs and other software programs only run a similarity check over the passages and content in general. Whereas the plagiarism checker API offered by SmallSEOTools checks plagiarism in the content sentence-wise.


Fast and Accurate Content Scanning

The results generated by this Plagiarism checker API are fast and accurate. Instead of spending your time scanning, it is a better approach to look at different ends of your business to make it as lucrative as it could be.


Safe and Secure

The plagiarism checker API offered by SmallSEOTools is completely safe and secure. You won’t have to worry about privacy. It has been secured with an extra layer of SSL certificate, which means it doesn’t compromise the privacy of the user.


Easy to Configure

We have developed this API by keeping in mind the core needs of the users. You won’t get into any intricate process for executing the task. The configuration of the API is quite easy.


Multiple Website Usage

We provide you the opportunity of using this API on multiple websites. You won’t have verified the account every time when you are in the process of configuring it.