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Intigrate Smallseotools Plagiarism checker with your website.

Have a School, Collage or Universaty?
No Need to check each and every article for every student sepratly, our system provide easy to use plagiarism checking API. You can check plagiarism for essays, thesis or assignments of your students with just one click.

Why Use our API
Fast and Accurate Our API are very fast and accurate. Resutls provided by our system are 100% accurate.
Sentence Wise Checking If you want to develope a real time plagiarism checker for your website, then its the best place. We provide options to check content sentence wise and you can receive results for each sepratly.
Resources Websites If a sentence is plagiarized, SST API will return a response including the websites from where that specific content is copied.
Safe & Secure We Respect our users, and we do not save your post content in our system, also we keep your information and content secure and we do not share even a single word of your content with any one.
Easy to configure Configuration of API is easy like eating fresh backed choclate cake. All you have to do is, register at smallseotools and select any package that siutes you better. Conatact us and we will activate your account and you will be able to use API in very next second. Check API Documentation
Multiple Website Usage You can configure your one account with as much website as you want, no need to verify each and every website every time.

SST privides packges for all types of customers, you can choose any package that you feel is better for your company.

Pricing & Plans
30000 Queries*70000 Queries*150000 Queries*
Deep Search Deep Search Deep Search
24/7 Support 24/7 Support 24/7 Support
No Reoccurring Charges No Reoccurring Charges No Reoccurring Charges
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* 1Query = 1sentence (10000 queries means 10000 sentences can be checked)

API Documentation