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AI Content Detector

Use AI Detector to detect whether the content is AI-generated or written by a creative mind.

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The fuss of AI, mainly ChatGPT and other AI generators, has spread everywhere, from social platforms to online blogs. Many people now take shortcuts and submit content without using their creativity and relying entirely on AI content generators.

Are you facing the same issue? If so, there is no need to worry, as SmallSEOTools is here with AI detector to help you find content that humans do not write.

Keeping in mind how content generation has become effortless with AI, we are here with the AI content detector to combat this issue in a similar way! By pasting your content in the given field, you can figure out if it’s a writer's work or generated through GPT.

No charges are associated with using our AI detector, no matter how many pieces of text you check through it.

Get started on this journey to detect AI content through this chatgpt detector, and stay away from this spammy content-generation technique!

Working Model of AI Checker

Our AI checker is based on advanced algorithms that make your content go through multiple phases, which include the following:

Data Collection Data Collection

Data Collection

The first stage of AI detection is data collection. This process allows the AI content checker to analyse your content in-depth with the knowledge of the directory used by GPT models to generate AI content.
Feature-Extraction Feature-Extraction

Feature Extraction

After collecting data, the AI checker extracts features of the content. From sentence structure to the overall layout of content, this AI content checker analyzes everything contained in content to make sure not even a single AI generated phrase bypasses its sharp detection.
Content Classification Content Classification

Content Classification

Once the content features are extracted, it is classified into multiple languages. This classification allows the AI text detector to detect smartly the pieces of text generated through ChatGPT and other AI-based chatbots.
Actionable Insights Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Finally, the actionable insights indicate whether your entered text contains human-written or AI-generated content. The results will be displayed in percentage to let you know if the entire text or some portions of it are generated through AI.

Chat GPT Detector

You can use the Chat GPT detector to detect content generated through GPT's various technologies to know the truth. Since people have multiple options to generate AI content, we have made this AI detection tool capable of identifying content generated from all AI software programs. The usage of technologies that our chatGPT detector can identify include the following:

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 as an AI-based chatbot. The comprehensive responses made by this chatbot helped it gain attention from all over the globe, and people started using it to generate content for various means. Our GPT content detector can easily highlight the text generated through ChatGPT.

Our AI detedtor is also trained to detect GPT 3 content and its earlier versions, including GPT-2. It may seem like a difficult chore to detect GPT-3 content due to the involvement of deep learning mechanisms for producing human-like text. The only thing it asks from the users is to enter a prompt, and as a result, it starts writing on their behalf.

GPT 3.5 technology is trained through a series of models on a blend of text before the last quarter of 2021. Our AI content checker can detect the content generated by ChatGPT 3.5. It was trained on an Azure AI supercomputing infrastructure just like ChatGPT.

GPT-4 is the latest technology in this spectrum, aiming to be more powerful than the earlier versions. This AI checker free tool is trained even to catch Chat GPT-4 technology to ensure our users get authentic results, regardless of the AI model used for content generation.

Potential Users of AI Content Detector

It's important for people working in various fields to make sure AI hasn't written their content. Here are the potential users for this advanced AI content detector tool!

Education Institution

Educational Institutions

The teachers have become quite worried ever since the arrival of ChatGPT, as they think catching cheating from students’ assignments will be impossible. However, this AI content detector can surely bring relief for educators, as they can easily catch students copy-pasting their work through AI chatbots.

Content Image

Content Moderation Companies

Content moderation companies are responsible for reviewing user-generated content. The availability of tools like a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker can detect quality and duplication issues. Similarly, content moderation companies can now utilize the chatgpt detector to see whether the published content is written through an automated facility like GPT.

Social Media Plateform

Social Media Platforms

Several businesses widely use social platforms and make their websites compete in this highly competitive digital environment. Content creation is integral to running an online business to capture the audience's attention organically. However, if you post content generated through GPT, it can adversely affect your business’ reputation. Hence, this AI text checker is necessary to keep your business from facing any nuisance.


The AI detector free tool is here to assist you in detecting AI-generated content. You can paste the text you want to inquire about on this AI detection tool and get to know if some or all parts of it are generated through Chat GPT AI.

This Chatgpt checker will help you differentiate between human-written and AI-generated content.

No! You don’t need to buy any API to use AI Content Detector.

No! Unlike various utilities available over the web, there is no need to buy any credit for using this AI checker. It’s a free-of-cost utility that can be used as often as you want without paying a penny.

Yes! You can submit your feedback or questions about the AI detector. Our technical team is open to suggestions, and our customer support will answer all your queries. Feel free to contact us by simply submitting the Contact Us form.