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Paraphrasing tool helps you to rewrite your articles online. This rephrase tool can rewrite sentences & paragraphs in a couple of seconds.

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Step 1: Directly paste the content or upload files from their device or cloud storage (Dropbox & Google Drive).

Step 2: Click the “Rephrase Article” button to initiate the paraphrasing process.

Step 3: The paraphrased content will be generated. You can download it or copy the text as per your choice.

In simple words, paraphrasing is defined as the way of presenting an idea or information in your own words. This technique is widely used to demonstrate your ability to convey the same information in your own words that display your understanding. Paraphrasing has been defined differently by renowned online sources in the following ways:

As per this online source, paraphrasing is the process of rewording a text to restate any information in another form for clarity.


Wikipedia states that paraphrasing can also be called paraphrasis. The definition of paraphrasing as per Wikipedia is the restatement of a text with the help of different words while endorsing its original meaning.

Oxford Dictionary

According to the Oxford Dictionary, paraphrasing is defined as altering the sentence formation of a statement written by someone else.

The professional paraphrasing tool offered by SmallSEOTools is based on advanced algorithms that provide its users with top-quality article rephrasing. This online facility doesn’t just change some words with synonyms, as its focus is on providing you a newer version of an existing article with the complete restatement. The users don’t have to get registered or pay a penny for using this paraphrase tool. Its automated algorithms do all the job on their own without requiring any human intervention. The paraphrasing execution is executed by this tool within a matter of seconds. You don’t have to invest time or manual efforts for paraphrasing articles anymore due to the easy accessibility of this rephrase tool.

Our paraphrasing tool can be used for various reasons. This advanced utility can be useful for the writers in the following ways

Get Rid of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the biggest nuisance for writers, as it can hurt their credibility and careers. This paraphrase tool allows you to get rid of plagiarism by giving your text a new shape. There is no way a writer can give the cold shoulder to duplication, as it results in several negative consequences. Hence, using paraphrase online is an easy way of avoiding this plague from your content. You can even check plagiarism of rephrased content with online plagiarism checker tool quickly.

Discard Manual Efforts

The process of rewriting content is a laborious task that includes massive efforts and needs extensive time. You need to go through all the content and understand the concept shared in the text first. Later, you have to explain the whole concept in your own words. The entire process requires great effort from a person. But, this rephrase online tool offers you a chance to rewrite a lengthy text without typing a single word. Simply upload the text, and you will get fresh content in no time.

Improved Sentence Structure

The manual paraphrasing process can badly hurt the readability of your content due to the intricacies involved in it. However, this sentence changer possesses the capability to come up with sentences that don’t affect your content’s structure. This sentence rephraser maintains the engagement factor in your articles and helps you in getting your hands on the results you’re looking for.

You can enjoy the following features with the rephrase tool available on SmallSEOTools.

Upload as You Desire

The users are offered multiple options to input their text on this sentence changer online at their ease. You can simply copy-paste the text you wish to paraphrase in the given box. The tool also allows its users to upload files from their cloud storage and device. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of browsing your file from the device, you can directly drag and drop it on this rephrase online tool.

Variety of Synonyms

While paraphrasing your text, this paraphrase tool comes up with a wide choice of synonyms. The users are given the freedom to choose the desired synonyms which fit in their paraphrased version of articles. You don’t have to worry about losing the original meaning of your article, as it provides you with the selection of the words based on the context.

One-Click Download

Once the paraphrasing process is completed by online paraphrase utility, a download button will appear on your screen alongside the paraphrased text. After making the necessary modifications to your paraphrased text within this sentence changer, you can simply click the download button to save the file on your device. The file will be transferred to the default downloads folder within a matter of seconds.

Super Quick & Easy

This paraphrasing tool helps you tackle all the intricacies attached to the manual paraphrasing method. The results are generated and delivered to the users within a flash of an eye. We highly value your time; hence, this tool works super quickly to paraphrase your uploaded text.

Error-free Results

The rewritten text you will get with this essay rewriter won’t include any mistakes. The online paraphrase utility will precisely rewrite a text every sentence to offer you a completely accurate outcome that is free from any kind of plagiarism.


The key advantage of using this paraphrase tool is that you can generate as many articles as you desire without wasting time. Productivity is a serious issue when it comes to uploading blogs on a similar topic. The best paraphrasing tool allows you to be more productive as it helps you generate newer versions of the existing articles without spending time or money

Paraphrase Lengthy Text Instantly:

Our sentence rewriter enables you to rephrase texts of up to 2000 words in a single go. Now, you don’t need to rewrite a text lengthy content in different portions anymore, as you might have to do while using other rephrasing tools.

100% Secure

Another benefit of using this word changer is that your data remains confidential, and the integrity of your work isn’t compromised. This tool’s databases don’t store or transmit your data to any other source. Once the paraphrasing of your article is completed, the tool safely removes your data on the spot.

No Compatibility Issues

While using this rephrase tool, the users won’t face any compatibility issues. The sentence rephraser on this web portal is an online service that can be accessed through any device. You won’t be asked to get a specific device or install any plugins for paraphrasing your articles with this online facility.

No Need to pay Anyone

The paraphraser you find on offers you an advanced and reliable tool that allows you to rephrase text without paying a single penny.

Select the Adequate Synonyms

Once you rewrite paragraph, this online utility highlights the words it has altered in your content. You have the option to click on the word and search for other synonyms and choose the one you find most suitable according to the sentence’s structure.

Error-free Results:

The rewritten text you will get with this rephrase tool won’t include any mistakes. This online paraphrasing tool will precisely rephrase every sentence to offer you a completely accurate outcome that is free from any kind of grammar or spell mistakes.

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How Many Articles Can I Paraphrase with This Tool for Free?

No charges are associated with the usage of this paraphrasing tool. You can paraphrase as many articles as you desire free of cost.

What Operating Systems Support this Paraphrase Tool?

All operating systems are compatible with this online sentence rewriter. Whether you are using an iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux device.

Do I Need to Get Registered for Using This Tool?

No! The paraphrasing tool offered by SmallSEOTools doesn’t ask its users to go through the registration process. You can use this tool on the go without getting registered.

For How Long My Uploaded Content is Kept in Your Databases?

Your uploaded content is kept in databases as long as the paraphrasing process isn’t completed. Once the process is done, your content will be removed automatically from servers.

Which Browser Should I Use to Access this Paraphrasing Tool?

This tool can be accessed through any web browser. You won’t face any complexities.

Do I Need to Download or Install Any Software to my device?

No! You don’t have to download or install any application on your device for using free online paraphrasing tool.