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Major Overhaul to Site

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VIEWS: 4677 Views CATEGORY: SEO READING TIME: 3 Min To Read UPLOADED ON: 15 Jul 2012

The popular site is already-upgraded to latest platform, as well as the numerous fixes/upgrades on all existing SEO tools. All tools are running on powerful servers (64GB RAM with the fast hard drive, using the fastest multi-core CPU (see ) that will support a large number of visitors as well as keeping the performance for all tools to be at optimum speed.

List of Tools that are completely upgraded/rewritten:

Article Rewriter:

  • Major article rewriter engine upgrade to use over 200,000 words with over 800,000 entries stored in custom database.
  • Pretty interface design, with 5 samples to help everyone to see how easy this tool is.
  • Balloon tips on changed words…to allow you to change the words based on suggestions, or enter your own words.
  • Clear Instructions/descriptions on how this tool can be used.

Plagiarism Checker

  • Improved interface.
  • 5 samples are included…to help the noobies on how easy this tool is.
  • Better instructions and description on how this tool is used.

Backlink Checker

  • Major rewritten engine to allow to search for 1,000 backlinks, then identify these links with domain/page PR, check for anchor text and finally checked to see if the link has the dofollow or nofollow.
  • Better interface
  • Super-fast multi-thread backlink analysis services that will display the results in 30 secs or less.
  • Nice, easy to understand instructions with good description to explain the real understanding on how important the good backlinks would be for the domain name.

Backlink Maker

  • Rewritten backlink maker engine that will list the PR for every link added to assigned domain name.
  • Pretty interface.
  • Updated instructions

Google PageRank Checker

  • Vastly improved google pagerank checker engine that will analyze every links (site/page) and assign the correct PR.
  • Improved interface to deal with multi-domain names.
  • Updated instructions.

Link Tracker

  • Improved link analysis engine to find the active backlinks,then assign these links with PR.
  • Nicer interface.
  • Updated instructions.

Reverse IP Domain Check

  • New tool added to – that will dig up the domain names linked to a single IP.
  • Added large special database that will identify domain name’s site as malware, porn site or other bad stuffs.
  • Nice, easy to read interface.
  • Good written instructions with the description for the purpose of this new tool.

Search Engine Pingler

  • Upgraded tool with “safe” ping links that will ping your site.
  • Better interface design.
  • Nice instructions – to help us understand the purpose of this tool.

Keyword Position

  • Very popular tool – which we upgraded it with faster and accurate analysis engine that will display the results.
  • Better interface, but we plan to improve the interface with modern interface in the future. Remember, this tool works so well.
  • Easy to understand instructions to help us utilize this tool.


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