Attention SEOers! Know What Risks to Take & Those to Avoid in SEO

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Businesses and professionals may not fully know the potential and value a ‘Successful SEO campaign’ bring in their business marketing, which is totally understandable. There is a lot of misinformation roaming around on the internet regarding the practices of SEO which often deludes the readers and leads to confusion while making the decisions. An effective SEO strategy will not only yield results for the businesses in the long run but also it will enhance the exposure of the company in the digital world. However, the tactical decisions and strategic solutions will only be known by a true SEO expert who has shown and achieved extraordinary results in their work experience by taking Risks.

Many companies and their assisted SEO experts may shy away from adopting a strategy that is either new in the world of SEO or may just don’t have the courage to practice something different. Let’s be honest, it is never an appreciated move it doesn’t involve some sort of risk that either result in success or leads to new opportunities which could be left undiscovered. Some of the risks can be avoided, but some have to be taken that leads to a sudden and serious growth. Let’s delve into question as we try finding the answers of what Greatest SEO risks a business can make or which of risks can be avoided altogether.




1. Test some strategic (significant) and some Tactical (small) changes

It could be happening that you are putting all the efforts to make your website engaging, but no actual results in the clicks on your website. There could be a number of reasons that can hinder the click ratio on your website. The foremost thing you need to do is the A/B testing. In this, you are going to consider one element at a time that needs work. Analyze whether the titles of the content, Meta descriptions and the content itself need some new variation to be tested on. You must be thinking this is just a minor change that can be taken but where is the risk factor in this.

Without trying out anything new while implementing changes, you may overlook the combination of right words and their layout. You would also get an idea that what new combinations can bring more traffic on the website either for short or a long run. You must keep the record of what was changed, when and the time it was re-crawled by the search engines at Google. Also, you need to use a reliable keyword rank checker that proves that your SEO effort is not going astray.

2. Risks while making Well-established Backlinks and enhanced URL structure of Your Website

We know you must be thinking that why adding Backlinks of some other website on your page that can take away your existing traffic. Well, here you are not taking the risk you need to take. One of the most essential elements of a successful SEO campaign is Backlinks. Companies use each other’s links to add on their website to build up the credibility. And yes, if you are thinking that you are helping the sites by their Backlinks, then it is true. Sometimes you need to give back too. However, by providing some credible websites on your page, that enhances your user’s experience shows to Google that you are using reliable referencing sites with reputable authorities. Just make sure you are keeping your campaign clean from the malicious and spammy websites which can get you in trouble with penalties by Google for adding too many unreliable links on your site.

Another subsequent mistake a company makes while doing SEO is in its URL. An ideal URL should be short and simple that is easy to remember. Pages with longer URLs make the user less likely to click as it may diminish the face value of a website. The URL should also consist of the targeted keywords in it. The disadvantage of a longer URL is that Google will trim its display with […] after the point where it gets cut off. The risk that prevails here is the kind of changes with the URL that can impact your rankings. If done rightly, you can see results in the streamlined structure that will attract both the search engine and higher traffic of users to your site.

3. The Risk of Buying Expired or Available Domains

Many of the websites out there are available for sale. Either these are expired and need to update their payments. Many website owners do not bother renewing the domains, or they are too uninterested in keeping the site up to date. Buying these domain names can actually be a worthy investment. It can also potentially redirect them to your existing website via the help of Backlinks. However, there are some severe risk factors attached to it. One of the things that you need to take care of is that the domain name should be related to your business and should have a credit history which means it needs to be legitimate. There is nothing more exasperating if your users arrive at/from a site that is not related to the content they originally search for.




1. Reject Neutral Backlinks As Well

You now must have an idea of how important the backlinks are in an SEO campaign. You want the good ones and eliminate the bad ones obviously. However, you should also keep your campaign clean from the neutral ones; they don’t hurt either they help in any way. Technically, neutral backlinks do not necessarily provide the SEO boost it requires, but they won’t subject to attract harsh penalties by Google either. So, it is always suggested that use only quality backlinks. The only way you get to know that you have landed a poor or spammy backlink is by a manual notice taken by Google on your site.

2. Take the Risk of Deleting Content OR Even Entire Pages

It might not be a big deal of deleting some content or even a full package that you have had posted on your site particularly when you are discontinuing a product or a service. However, you should be fully aware of the fact that once the content is removed from the website, the keywords it consisted which were ranked before would all be gone too. Instead of risking the lost content and thus the ranking, make sure you update it with fresh information of a product or service that you have launched newly over the discontinued product. Simply place a message on the page and link a call to action so that the users are redirected to a relevant page with a similar product or service.

3. Creating an All-New SEO Campaign by Making Too Many Small Changes

It is always good to keep your SEO practices current and relevant to the sector of industry your business operates in. In fact, Google appreciates occasional changes and updated content. However, constant changes in the aesthetics and the content cannot go unnoticed by the site visitors and Google. Such changes will definitely be flagged by Google considering your site suspicious, and your website can likely get a penalty for that. Over time, the visitors on your site will detect the alterations and may feel uncomfortable from the constant changes made on your website. It also disrupts the architecture of your website which makes the content hard to navigate. Therefore, concluding the article, balance the risks and rewards accordingly when it comes to performing a successful SEO campaign. Some of the risks will take the venture to the next level while some will harm and hold back a business’s digital marketing strategy.

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