This Ridiculously Simple Strategy Land You Top-Paying Client

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Many times, budding online entrepreneurs wonder why they are not making the kind of money they've read on the income reports of some successful web experts. It turns out that getting results online comes down to implementing the right strategy and staying consistent at it.

If you've been wondering how to land heavy paying clients online or have multiple people coming to your website to make purchases, then you're about to know how.  What if we can show you a simple but super-effective 5-step strategy that works every time for getting new business deals online? You'd use it to land your dream clients and push for happy paydays on the web, yeah?

Let's get started with this already:



For this strategy, the first thing you need is content that totally grabs your target audience on the collar and awesomely throws great value at them.

This type of content should:

  • Speak to your audience one-on-one

  • Answer their biggest questions

  • Solve their most pressing questions

  • Be original

  • Carry a strong headline

  • Very actionable, engaging, and thought-provoking

  • Be accurate

We recommend you make the content long-form as opposed to short-form. You'd also want to add images, videos, screenshots, data, and statistics.


content of blog


The idea here is to create content that targets exactly the type of clients you'd love to land. For example, if you're a freelance SEO looking to be hired by CMOs from fortune 1000 companies, you should create really helpful content that these CMOs will be pretty interested in and not content that speaks generally to HR managers.



One mistake most web business owners do is that they publish their “best” content on their own websites. That's okay if your site is getting a considerably high quantity of visits. But if not, then publishing your most remarkable content on your new website with zero audiences is equivalent to a teacher teaching in a classroom without students.

So what's the best approach? Well, it's entrepreneurially smart to give the content to a website which is already attracting a great number of readers, more readers, that are relevant to your campaign.




Remember, your goal here is to get the attention of the right persons who are able and willing to do business with you. So once you've crafted a super-hot content, look for the most relevant blog to your goal — landing customers and making money. Typically, this will be a blog that is read by a vast amount of the prospects you're looking for.

If you perform a quick Google search for “[your niche] blogs that accept guest posts” you'll definitely get a bunch of them.

Here are some Google search phrases to use assuming you're in the SEO market:


  • “SEO blogs that accept guest posts”

  • “SEO blog submit a guest post”

  • “SEO guest post”

  • “SEO guest post by”

  • “SEO blog accepting guest posts”

  • “SEO guest post guidelines”

  • Etc.


Once you've found the right blog, it's time to move on to the next step.



Go through the blog's guest blogging guidelines to have a sense of how to contact them. It's always a good idea to contact at least three blogs per guest post to reduce the chances of rejection.



Here are some guest blogging best practices to help you:


  • Ensure the content is focused on your niche/industry

  • The audience of the blog should be interested in your industry

  • The blog should have an engaged readership. That is, posts have been shared socially and commented upon.

  • Be sure that the blog owner is active on social media — great for knowing that they will be promoting your work on their pages

  • Format your post like the ones on the site

  • Include internal and source links

  • Target blogs that gives you an author bio and linking opportunity


In the author bio, introduce yourself, what you do, and the value you can provide to your clients. Keep it down to a couple sentences. Include the link to your website, but don’t be greedy and try to place links all over the content. Keep your links simple and relevant to what you are talking about.


guest blogging


If done well, guest blogging can help you find high-quality clients, build real relationships and opportunities, and acquire quality backlinks. It can also position you as an authority and well-known name in your industry, get you exposure, and drive traffic back to your website.




To make the most of this strategy, you'll need a dedicated, promotion-specific landing page to receive all the new audience that'll be trouping into your website. For the records, a dedicated landing page is a standalone page that is designed for a specific marketing campaign.

So, go ahead and create that even before your guest post goes live.



Now, here's the tricky part:


When leaving a link on the author bio section (or where the host blog deems appropriate), don't link back to your home page — which is what most people do. Instead, link to your DEDICATED LANDING PAGE CREATED TO ESPECIALLY CONVERT THE NEW TRAFFIC.

Campaign-specific lead gen landing pages do not waste time with extra unnecessary information or promotional material. Instead, they go straight to the point to show the prospect what you have to offer and where the guy has to click in order to get it.



Once your lead capture page is set and your post goes live, it's time to keep the momentum going while harvesting all the benefits you can from the campaign. A general rule of thumb is to CREATE RELATIONSHIPS through and through.

Once you’ve secured a few posts, keep up the communication with the people that matter — site owners, potential clients, readers. This is an awesome opportunity for you to expand your personal network, establish your name or brand in your industry, and get the money you've always wanted.


This strategy is particularly great for beginner web entrepreneurs, freelancers, and generally if your website has yet to attract a massive audience. But the beautiful thing here is that the strategy works great. It has been tested and proven time and time again.

So go ahead and start your campaign and be consistent on it.

If you need help with finding the right blogs with a commanding domain authority, don't forget to check out our helpful tools.



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