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Mark Zuckerberg Presented For E-Commerce At F8 Conference

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According to the presentation at the F8 conference, this program is beyond advertisements and is called an e-commerce platform. WhatsApp businesses, a messaging application is used to communicate with the customers and firms. Where they can create profiles and add information like direction, location and hours. A system to respond quickly like an automated response system is available for responding to messages instantly, but with an astonishing expansion to WhatsApp business app with a feature known as "Product Catalogs" is going to change everything.



However, Mark didn’t go into details but did show something amazing. According to announcements WhatsApp business Product Catalogs will be featuring complete markets where users can purchase products as well as explore various stores. According to Mark, there are millions of businesses around the world that are using WhatsApp to interact with their customers privately, which is why this new feature “Product Catalogs” is going to allow people to see what a business has to offer easily.

This feature is going to be advantageous for those several businesses in the world who don’t have a website or internet presence at all and who are using WhatsApp as the primary way of connecting to their customers.

A Better Way To Send Money

Let’s talk about another addition to WhatsApp features “The WhatsApp Payment System.” This is going to be a new service where people will be able to send money to each other, and the system will be attached to WhatsApp. According to the declaration, people interact privately using the app and payment is the place where WhatsApp can make things easier for both of them. It should be secure/convenient just like you are sending a photo to someone. The feature is already being tested and will be available to some countries later this year.

Also, there will be more updates that will contain surprising stories, and Mark is really excited about the private commerce and the part about the payment and said there are a lot more news and stuff to talk about. No doubt, WhatsApp business was a good beginning but with these features added it is going to grow like a fire in the forest. Millions of shops and small businesses will actually get a pretty good chance to evolve. Today, there are people who send goods through courier services from small warehouses, and now they will be able to give it a revolutionized touch with the help of “Product Catalogs.”

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