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Convert JPG images to PDF in seconds. Easily adjust orientation and margins.


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It happens so often that we have images, graphs saved as JPG and we want to copy and save them in a PDF document. JPG is the common format that is used to save and exchange image files. It has become the standard for compressing and saving image files because it takes up less space while retaining quite a good quality of the image. It is recognized and converted on all modern day web browsers. Any image or picture stored in JPG format can be distributed and viewed by recipients. If you take pictures from your mobile phone or a digital camera, the images are stored in JPG format.

JPG has gained popularity for storing images over other image formats like GIF and PNG. JPG compresses the image and very little is lost in color and the sharpness of the images. The biggest advantage of JPG is that it’s very efficient in storing space. Images stored in JPG take up much lesser space for storage than the other applications for compressing and storing image files.

People prefer to save and exchange documents in the PDF format. There are several reasons why people prefer storing and exchanging documents in PDF format. One of the main reasons is that PDF is universal. The document will appear the same when viewed by different people using different devices. If you were to send a document in Microsoft Office Word format, there’s a fear that some people may not have Word installed on their computers. Secondly, they could be using a different version or an older version, and a file stored in the latest version will not open on it. What this means is that the document will appear differently when opened on different devices or it might not open at all. There are several free to use PDF file readers available on the internet. People can download an application and use it to view the file. The PDF file will appear the same on different devices and mobile smartphones and tablets as well. Adobe provides the preferred application for converting files from other formats to PDF. Adobe can also be used to open and read PDF files. Adobe is a free set of applications to convert and save files in PDF format and to read PDF files. Adobe is the de-facto standard for saving and reading PDF files.

The security of PDF files is trusted, and they are admissible as evidence in law courts. The reason for this is that PDF files cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint.

PDF files are quick and easy to create. You can do your work in Microsoft Word. PowerPoint or Excel and convert JPG to PDF using Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is free and easily available to download and install from the internet.

The file size is decreased, and you can convert JPG to PDF without sacrificing on quality. You can merge several documents which are in different formats to a single PDF file.

PDF files have a password protection option. Organizations dealing in highly sensitive work can protect their documents by using the password protection facilities in PDF.

You can be using any word processor, paint, photo edit, presentation or spreadsheet application and if you want to distribute them universally, you must save and share them in PDF format.

Convert JPG to PDF without any extra cost anything as Adobe provides a whole suite of applications to convert files from different formats into PDF. If you receive a PDF file and you don’t have a reader to open and view it. Download Adobe Reader and open the file in it.

PDF files are not restricted in use to any hardware or operating system. People feel secure when they distribute their documents in PDF format. You may have come across PDF files on the internet that you can view, but you cannot edit them. In certain cases, you cannot even download them.

Some people save images, graphs and other graphic material in JPG format. But they face a problem when they have to insert these images into a document file for storage or distribution. You can find a word to PDF converter and excel to PDF converter online. You can also find jpg to word convertor applications on the internet. You can also read about how to convert word document to PDF.

In fact, because of the popularity of PDF on the internet, there are several applications to convert files to PDF format available. But all of them have their limitations. Some will only convert certain file types to PDF.

The easiest way for you to convert JPG to PDF Free is to go to website and find the Convert JPG to PDF icon click on it. Or copy/paste in the navigation bar of your search browser. After the application opens select the JPG file that you want to save in your PDF document. Click on the ‘Convert’ button, and in seconds you will be able to Convert JPG to PDF file that you can save on your laptop or PC by downloading it.

It is a free to use application, and you can use it to convert all your JPEG images in PDF files. You can now distribute your images as PDF files.

This Convert JPG to PDF Online tool by is convenient for people who have to submit JPG images in their reports. For example, news reporters can use this tool to change JPG to PDF and insert them in their reports.

The popularity of mobile phones with cameras has increased the number of pictures taken and exchanged by people. With this nifty application they don’t have to send two or more separate files; one of the images and another of a document discussing the images. With just a few clicks all of these files can be converted and saved as a single PDF file and distributed.

PDF has gained tremendous popularity and trust and has become the standard for distributing copyright and sensitive documents over the internet so that’s why you need an Online Converter JPG to PDF so that you can convert JPG to PDF Online Free.