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The activity of saving and sharing images is one almost everyone that uses the internet gets involved in. And there are several formats used in saving and sharing images, with JPG being one of the most common.

Despite the popularity of JPG, at times and depending on the context, saving or sharing your image files in JPG may not cut it.

For instance, you may want to send several JPGs to the same person. A better way to do that will be to merge all the JPG files in one document to save space and time and not send different files separately.

Some people even go as far as sending an image document separately and sending another text-based document with information about the images.

How can you resolve this? Well, you need a flexible and more universal format.

And that is where converting your JPG images to Portable Document Format (PDF) comes into play. Meet our Image to PDF Converter.

This Converter [by Small SEO Tools] is a free web app for easily turning your Picture to PDF document. The tool is built to keep the quality of your image intact while intelligently converting it into a portable document format.

JPG to PDF converter

Developed by a combined team of informed developers and professional digital photographers, PDF from JPG Converter takes into consideration the the latest and best practices for digital imaging.

In short, this free file conversion tool is especially built to deliver the best result in the least possible time as it automatically optimizes your images and keeps the original resolution.

Being a web application, JPG Converter functions independently and supports all platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, and even mobile.

The conversion takes place in the cloud, which means it won’t drain any capacity from your CPU. It does not even need you to install it on your computer.

No watermark: Just because it’s a free tool doesn’t mean we’ll try to mess up your document with annoying watermarks. This is actually a free tool that’s better than most of the paid ones out there.

Ease of conversion: With a user-friendly, easy to navigate interface, this tool is the easiest to use, howbeit the most helpful.

Online conversion: Everything takes place right in your browser of choice. No need to install additional software.

24/7 availability: Since our tool is online, you can always come to this page anytime and from anywhere to use it.

No registration required: Unlike many other JPG conversion software, our tool does NOT require you to register on our website before using it.

Speedy conversion: It doesn’t take longer than a few seconds for the tool to convert your JPG to PDF.

High quality PDF: Your PDF keeps the quality of your JPG and it has all the characteristics of a professional PDF file.

Unbeatable security: Your images are transmitted through HTTPS, so no one can spy. We automatically remove your data from our servers right after you are done converting.

Multiple uploading options: Want to upload from your local storage? No problem! From the cloud? That’s covered, too. Just be sure to click on the right one!

No usage limit:Convert as many files as you can. We’re only concerned about your time ?.

Hassle-free: No need to login first before converting. We don’t even need your email address to send the converted file to. You download it right away. No unnecessary steps. Just visit the tool page, upload your JPG, and download the result instantly.

Believe it when we say this: This is the “easiest to use” JPG-PDF program on the web.

In fact, you will only need to follow three simple steps to convert your files:

Step #1: Go to the above-the-fold section of this page (

Step #2: Upload your JPG formatted file by clicking on “Upload” or by choosing from either Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step #3: Simply click on “Convert to PDF” and wait for the magic to happen.

converter to PDF

The tool will, within seconds, return the result with a button to download the converted file.

Oh, and you’re done!

JPG is a format used in saving and sharing image files. It is among the most common image file formats along with the likes of .PNG, and .GIF.

JPG was started by a group called Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), thus JPG is sometimes referred to as JPEG.

The format is commonly used for storing digital photos and used by most digital cameras and other photographic capture devices to save images by default. It has also become the standard for compressing files because it takes up less space while retaining quite a good quality of the image.

On the other hand, PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file format created in the 1990s by Adobe.

It was developed for the purpose of presenting documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner that is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.

People prefer to save and transmit documents in the PDF format because of its ability to retain the structure, formatting, and quality of the content. This means that PDF is universal; it will appear the same when viewed using different devices, software, and operating systems.

Another key reason is that you can merge several images in a single PDF file. This significantly reduces the storage space and data required to store or transmit your documents.

Moreover, PDF files can be protected with password. This is pretty useful for protecting sensitive or copyrighted information. In fact, a PDF file can be set up in a way that you can view it but never able to edit it. In certain cases, you cannot even download them from the internet.

These are the reasons why you might want to convert your JPG files to Portable Document Format (PDF).

We are very professional in handling your data and files. We ensure that your privacy is guaranteed and never stepped upon. Nobody has access to your JPG and PDF files and they will be permanently erased from our servers immediately after you’ve finished converting.

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