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AI Story Generator

Generate stories on your desired topics with our free AI story generator. Simply enter the prompt and adjust parameters as per your requirements to fetch engaging stories effortlessly! 
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How to Use AI Story Generator?

Using the AI story generator by SmallSEOTools is quite convenient. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions shared below:

Step 1: Enter Prompt

Type or paste the topic of the story in the given field.

Step 2: Adjust Length

Select the length of the story from the available options. 

Step 3: Select Story Type

Pick your desired story type from the drop-down menu. 

Step 4: Set Creativity

Choose the creativity level from standard, conservative, innovative, imaginative, visionary, and inspired options. 

Step 5: Specify the Age Group

Select the age group of individuals for whom you need to generate a story. 

Step 6: Hit the Button

Click the “Write Story” button to get your hands on the story written as per your requirements instantly. 

Features of Our Story Maker

Our story maker consists of a variety of features that make it an exceptional tool for generating stories. Some of its top-notch features include the following: 

AI-Generated Stories

Our story maker utilizes advanced AI technology to create engaging stories. Based on top-tier generative AI algorithms, the AI storymaker can generate narratives that span various genres. Its ability to understand and mimic human creativity ensures that each story it writes is both compelling and original. 

Story Length

The story maker offers flexibility in terms of story length, which allows users to generate stories of varying lengths. Whether you need a short, medium, long, or extensive story, our tool can accommodate your requirements. 

Story Type

This AI story writer permits users to select the story type that best fits their needs, which ensures that the generated content aligns with their desired tone and genre. His versatility makes it an ideal tool for anyone looking to make a story relevant to a specific niche or theme.

Creativity Level

One of the standout features of our free AI story generator is its ability to adjust the creativity level. Users can choose from different settings to control the level of inventiveness they require in their stories. From conservative to innovative, inspired, and imaginative tales, the AI can optimize its output to match your creative vision. 

Fast & Free

The super-fast algorithms of this AI story writer free ensure to deliver results instantly. It can become a helping hand for those who suffer from writing block or find it hard to jot down the ideas wandering in their minds. Moreover, this tool is an absolutely free-of-cost tool. 

Unlimited Attempts

Our story writer allows all users to generate as many stories as they desire without facing any restrictions on usage. This feature is beneficial for those looking forward to experimenting and refining their stories, as it allows them to tweak parameters and try different ideas.

Check Plagiarism

SmallSEOTools provides you with the option to ensure originality in the stories delivered by its AI story writer. After generating the story, you can click the ‘check plagiarism’ button to run a quick scan and make sure that it doesn’t contain any traces of duplication. 


If you desire more clarity or engagement in the results delivered by this AI story maker, you can leverage the paraphrase tool offered by SmalllSEOTools. All you need to do is click the ‘paraphrase’ button to rephrase the story fetched through this AI story generator free online tool. 

Generate Stories on Any Topic

The capabilities of our AI story maker aren’t limited to generating stories on a specific genre. You can use this story writer and generate stories on a wide range of topics, such as the ones discussed below: 

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre that explores futuristic concepts, advanced technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. This AI story generator can create engaging science fiction stories by leveraging its ability to understand and generate complex narratives involving scientific principles and imaginative scenarios. 


SmallSEOTools’ AI story writer can generate rich fantasy narratives by drawing upon a vast database of mythology. By generating fantasy stories with this tool, you can transport readers to magical worlds that consist of mythical creatures and heroic quests. 


If you want to evoke a sense of fear, suspense, or dread in your audience, you can generate horror story with this AI storymaker. Its AI is trained to utilize elements of psychological terror and supernatural occurrences. 


Romantic stories explore themes of love, relationships, and emotional connections. Our AI story generator is trained to make heartwarming and passionate romantic narratives by understanding the dynamics of human relationships and the emotions involved. 

How Does this AI Story Generator Work?

This random story generator has been trained on a vast dataset of narratives to match the distinct requirements of users and deliver results accordingly. The text-based prompts and parameters given to this tool are assessed on its backend to understand the intent of the user. After that, it generates fresh ideas to provide users with their desired stories. This entire process just takes a couple of seconds to deliver astonishing outcomes. 


Can AI Write Short Stories?

Yes! Our short story generator is capable of writing short stories. After giving a prompt, you can select your desired story length, and this tool will follow your instructions to generate results accordingly. 

Is this AI Story Generator Free?

Yes! The AI story generator is an absolutely free-of-cost utility. You aren’t required to pay any cost, no matter how many stories you plan to generate through this tool. 

Can I Customize the Stories Generated by AI?

Yes! You can customize the stories generated by AI without facing any restrictions. You are allowed to make as many changes as you want in the results delivered by this tool. 

Can I Generate Plagiarism Free Stories?

Yes! You can generate plagiarism-free stories with SmallSEOTools’ AI story generator. Using the online plagiarism checker, you can ensure the originality of the stories it generates. 

Can I Use the AI Generated Story for Commercial Purposes?

Yes! The AI generated stories can be used for commercial purposes, as they haven’t been copied from any source on the web.


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