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Your brand image matters and what matters, even more, is your logo. So, be a master of your own creativity and come up with an ideal logo that perfectly represents your website, company, or brand.

There can be several measures that can set your business apart from its competitors. But one thing that can leave a significant impact on the minds of customers is the logo of your company. An ordinary small business can turn out to be the leading brand and talk of the town if its logo reflects the entire narrative of what they are selling. That’s the power of a logo! The free Logo Maker online on SmallSEOTools can help you in achieving new heights of success in the market by establishing a distinct identity.


There is no need to hire an expert for this task as you can design a logo with this tool online yourself. It is best to create a logo yourself rather than depending on someone. It is because the story and creativity about your business going on in your mind would be much better than a designer’s ideas. So why seek help and pay a huge amount when you have access to the best free tool to create logo design online?

One thing is for sure that you don’t need to have any designing skillset to make your own free logo then must use this online tool. Plus, you don’t need any unique gadgets or a designer software for using this hassle-free utility. All you need is an internet connection, that’s all! You can design your own logo within no time by following the simple steps mentioned below. But first, you have to get yourself registered with SmallSEOTools.com. You shouldn’t worry as you don’t have to pay a single penny for registering. After signing in, and opening , follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you will have to do is select a free logo design template. You can choose it from any category with no limitations and with no costs. In every category, you’ll have a wide variety to pick any logo design online.
  • As you will choose a logo, you will be directed to the tool dashboard that make logo. Here, the first option you will find for editing would be “Edit Logo.” With this option, you can change the color and overlay of the design.
  • The next option provided in this best free logo generator is of adding the text. You can make changes to the size, color, style, shadow, and opacity of the text that you enter with our tool.
  • Last but not the least option offered at our logo creator app is to change the background of the logo. You will find around 100 striking backgrounds that can be used in the logo. There is also an option of adding any background of your own choice from your device.
  • If you’ve entered a layer by mistake, you can delete it in a single click. The hide/unhide option will allow you to view the logo with and without different layers you’ve added to it.
  • After completing the design, click on the “ Save” button to get the logo on your device.

Tip: It isn’t necessary to follow the steps in the order mentioned above. It’s up to you what you want to do first, apart from the selection of logo design.

You may find several online tools that offer the service to create your own logo. But some factors make this business on our website the best one. The main feature that you might not find on any other app is the diverse categories offered by our free logo generator online. We are well-versed of the fact that a unique, attractive logo is not only the need for a company selling products or services. But it is also crucial for people competing at other platforms, such as a Facebook page or a YouTube channel.

So, it’s not wrong to say that our online app to create best logo is for all! However, the excellence of our free logo design maker doesn’t end here. There are some more perks that you might not be able to enjoy with any other tool for free.

User Friendly Interface: This tool can be used by anyone, even if they don’t have a design background. You will face no intricacies while using this tool as all of its features are designed to make your life easy.

One Click Save: When you’re done with the free logo online design on our creator, you will not have to struggle for getting the logo on your device. You just have to click the save option, and in a blink of an eye, the logo will be saved in the default folder of Downloads on your device.

You might have gone through some online tools that allow you to design your own logo, but when it comes to downloading, they ask you to pay. However, that’s not the case you will face while creating a logo design online with SmallSEOTools. There are absolutely no hidden or visible charges associated with our logo design online app. Plus, you can create as many logos as you want to because our logo creator will not impose any restriction on the number of attempts allowed.

There are advanced features on some logo maker apps online, but they stay locked until you buy the premium version of the tool. But there are no such complexities in our Tool. We are offering all the features for free, and they are much better than the ones you’ll get after paying for.

You are not restricted to use any logo template on our free logo design app. All the templates and features are available for your assistance at any time of the day without any charges. If you haven’t created a logo for your business yet, then it’s the right time to design it for getting your brand established worldwide.

Use the free online tool to design a best Logo on SmallSEOTools in any corner of the world.

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