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Unlock PDF

Unlock PDF is one of the best online tools to remove PDF password without any hassle.

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Remove PDF password security, giving you the freedom to use your PDFs as you want.

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How to Unlock PDF file

The process of using our Unlock PDF is very straightforward. The following simple steps will enable you to quickly remove passwords from PDF.

1. Upload a locked PDF file here by simply drag and drop from the device or cloud storage.

2. Most of the time we make PDF files lock-free automatically, if we can’t, a user has to enter the PDF password.

3. To decrypt PDF files, click on the button “Unlock PDF” to initiate the process.

4. You will get your unlocked PDF within a few seconds and can download this file without any hurdles.

Unlock PDF by SmallSEOTools

PDF files are considered one of the best ways to share your documents from one place to another over the web due to their immense security features. A user can apply a password to PDFfiles that make them protected from any intrusion and deliver them to the other party without any disturbance. However, the real problem comes up when you forget your password and can’t open your PDF file. This situation seems like a common thing, but it’s not a problem when you have SmallSeoTools PDF password remover online. Sometimes, you may need content very urgently, but you couldn’t get it because you forgot your PDF file’s password.

Features of Unlock PDF Tool

Easy & Quick

If you are tired of waiting for hours to get your resultant file from an online utility, then we have got you covered. This online PDF password remover will provide you with a chance to open your locked PDF within a few seconds. The simple set of instructions will enable you to unlock secured PDF files in one click.

Secure Handling

The files uploaded on this online unlock PDF utility will be erased from our servers as soon as the processing is over. This online facility doesn’t save your data so you don’t need to get worried about the privacy of your confidential information while using this online PDF cracker.

Supports Google Drive and Dropbox

If you have a locked PDF in your cloud storage account like Google Drive or Dropbox, then you can remove the password by uploading directly to this PDF unlocker. A single hit on the given button will enable you to upload the file from your cloud storage easily and open secured PDF so quickly.

Free PDF Unlocker

You don’t have to waste your money on buying expensive software or premium membership to unlock PDF files, as this utility offers you a chance to remove PDF password without spending a single coin. There is also no limit to use this online facility. You can unlock as many PDFs as you desire with this online PDF password remover.

Download Unsecured PDF

The process of downloading the unsecured PDF file to your device is also free of any intricacy. You can save the unlocked PDF file quickly with our free tool. Tap on the “Download” button, and the unlocked PDF file will be saved on your device automatically.

Portable and Accessible from Anywhere

Another significant advantage of using our tremendous online PDF decrypter is that it is entirely cloud-based. You can use this Unlock PDF online tool from your office, school, or anywhere else without any hesitation. Only a secure internet connection is needed to unlock a PDF from any part of the globe. Also, our free tool gives you the luxury to unlock PDF free without paying a single penny to anyone.

Instant Password Remover

The conventional method of removing the password from a document was very hectic, as you had to go through the trouble of installing the massive-sized application or take help from some professional to accomplish this task. Both of the methods required a considerable amount of time and money from your side, and it becomes more challenging if you are a student or a new blogger.

But, thanks to the advancement in technology, you can use a useful online PDF Unlock tool like the one offered by to remove password from PDF files within a blink of an eye.

Remove Security from PDF to Make A PDF Editable

Our online tool enables you to remove the password from your PDF, which will make it easier for you to edit it without any hassle. Once you crack a PDF password by using our PDF Unlock online tool, you can make your PDF file editable by converting it into Word format with our online PDF to Word converter. This will allow you to make as many changes to your document as you desire without any hassle. Once you complete your editing, you can again convert your file into PDF and apply a password to it by using another tool Lock PDF.

Make PDF Printable

This online PDF password unlocker tool enables you to remove PDF password within a few seconds and take printouts of that document without any hurdles. As we have discussed earlier, it is really an awkward situation when you need to print a secured pdf badly, but you couldn’t get it because you might not recall that PDF’s password. But, you don’t need to get nervous anymore, as this online PDF unlocker has got you covered. You can unlock as many PDF files as you desire by using our efficient freeware PDF unlocker.

More About Unlock PDF

Well, fortunately, a user can unlock PDF file by using our free PDF password remover. This tremendous online tool enables users to open a PDF, whose password has been forgotten. Using this immense PDF unlock tool is simple and straightforward, as a few clicks on your device will enable you to break PDF password.

This web-based tool allows cracking the password of a PDF without asking to make an account on any website. You will not be asked to download any desktop application on your device to use this online PDF unlock tool.

Our PDF lock remover allows you to crack PDF password without putting you in any tedious and time taking procedures. You just have to provide the locked file and the rest of the things will be handled by this PDF Unlocker. Let’s know more about this PDF password cracker.


How to unlock a PDF that is password protected?

A user can open a password protected PDF file by unlocking it with our free online unlock PDF file tool.

How to Print or Copy Text from Secured PDF?

Once a user unlock a PDF with our free utility, he can copy the text or take a printout of the file with a few clicks on your device.

Does this PDF Unlock Tool Support Mac or Linux?

Yes! You can use this PDF security remover from your Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, or Windows device without any hesitation.

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

There are no charges to use this free online PDF unlock facility. You also don’t have to buy any membership to utilize this free facility.

How Many Times Can I Use this tool?

There is no limit on the usage of this online PDF password unlocker. You can open as many Password Protected PDF files as you wish, without spending a single penny through this tool.

Do I Need Any Installation and Registration?

There is no need to install any particular application on your device to utilize this free unlock PDF online tool. Also, the users don’t have to get registered for using this free service.


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