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Google Hates Your Site Because It's Slow. Here's What To Do.

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How to Rank #1 on Google for Any Keyword ?

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As a webmaster, you should periodically run a website SEO score check. If your website is ranking among the top websites in your category on search engines and your products or services are selling well via the internet. It means you have had your website optimized and it's doing well.

On the other hand, most websites don’t rank well even though they are good and contain quality content relevant to whatever they are selling. These websites owners want their websites to be visible, which means, be listed among the top sites in their niche on the search browsers; but they are not. These website owners must run a website SEO score checker to find out exactly what is it that is holding back their websites from ranking well. It's like your child is intelligent and smart but is not doing well in school.

Everyone who owns and operates a website has either used SEO tools or has heard about them but has not applied them on the website. SEO is the commonly used abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Before we discuss SEO lets, understand how Google website analysis works. Google is the most popular and used search browser today. Google periodically examines very website and ranks it. The Google website crawler visits websites and examines its content saves relevant website information in its database and ranks it.

  • Website Title:

    The website title must be relevant to the content of the website and should not exceed 65 characters.

  • Meta Description:

    The meta description contains a narrative of the major contents of the website. In case a website does not contain a meta description, Google will pick up a cut (in most cases words from the first paragraph) from the first page of the website.

  • Meta Keywords:

    Meta keywords are the major keywords that Google has in its vast library of keywords. It checks if any of the keywords have been used in the website's content.

  • H1 Headings:

    H1 headings are the top heading used for the page content.

  • Keywords Test:

    The density of keywords in the content of the website is checked. If keywords are overused, Google will frown on them and might mark them as stuffing and penalize the website.

  • Backlinks:

    Google checks the backlinks that a website has and follows the backlinks to ensure that the backlinks are genuine and to legitimate sites.

These are the major checks that the Google site analyzer does on every website.

Knowing the main parameters that Google uses in ranking websites is what SEO must know. They must use search engine optimization tools to optimize the websites they are responsible for. To optimize a website and make it rank high in Google, SEO must first do a free SEO analysis and study the results of the analysis and then go about improving the website.

Meta tags at one point were used by Google in ranking websites, and some SEOs misused them at will in an attempt to get a higher ranking. Google stopped evaluating meta tags.

Similarly, if Google suspects that keywords have been stuffed in the content of a website, it will blacklist the site.

Google wants its visitors to be shown those pages listing websites that are relevant to the search and is exactly what the visitor is looking for. To provide this Google uses strict evaluation methods when examining websites. The rules and methods employed by Google site analyzer are secret, and no single person in Google knows all the rules that are used in the site evaluation algorithm.

SEOs employ all the SEO techniques, and website analysis reports to optimize websites. That's their job, and that’s what website owners hire them to do. Finding out the SEO score of a website is useful information for optimizing a website. It's always helpful to examine the SEO score of top ranking websites like Amazon, eBay, etc. It will give the SEO a fairly good idea of the tactics employed by these sites. Using a good SEO score tool will help in knowing what's lacking and can be improved on a website.

A good SEO report card is provided as a free and easy to use the tool by You can go to from your search browser or copy/paste in the navigation bar of your search browser.

Enter the URL name of the website for which you want to conduct an SEO score check. It might take some time in displaying the results of the backlinks of a site. The information displayed will be beneficial in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a website. When you know the weaknesses, you can focus on strengthening them so that your website starts to rank better in its category.

You can use this free and informative tool to assess your and other websites. At the bottom of the results, it will display the website's SEO score and certificate. It also provides the HTML code that can be copy/pasted in the website's code to display the certificate.

With an overall score of your website and the certificate, you now know the areas of your website that need to be strengthened. Once you have removed the weaknesses and tweaked your website, you should rerun the test. Run the test on your website till you are sure that all its weak points have been removed.

The tool developers keep a close watch on Google's ranking criteria. This tool is updated whenever Google SEO score checking algorithm is changed and becomes known.

That's it

Now that you have a reliable and extensive SEO score checking tool available to you, you must use it frequently to better the ranking of your website. The better the ranking of a website, the more traffic it will get. These are the two major goals that all website owners crave to achieve especially if they are doing business through their websites.

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