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Merge PDF online tool allows you to combine pdfs into one in seconds. Just upload your files on this PDF combiner online will combine PDFs for free.

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Combine PDFs by using easiest PDF merger Tool

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How To Combine PDF Files Online?

  • Upload the PDF files from the Device, Google Drive or DropBox.

  • You can Rearrange & Rotate PDFs now. Click on the “Merge PDF''.

  • Hit the “Download” button & save the merged file, or “Merge Again.”

  • You can continue with this file to Compress PDF, Rotate PDF, and Lock PDF.

Note: You can merge 20 files at a time and upload up to 20 files simultaneously.

Combine PDF Files Online - Multiple Files into One

Businesses rely highly on the PDF format for sharing essential documents with stakeholders over the web. The consistency of this file format and its outstanding features, such as password encryption, enhance its worth and usage worldwide. The rising popularity of the PDF format has enabled PDF tools that allow users to easily manage their documents without requiring software installation. We know the old copy-pasting method for merging files or sets of files. However, doing the same thing in PDF could sometimes be quite tricky.

Merge PDF is one of the best PDF tools offered by SmallSeoTools that allow you to combine multiple pdf into one. The PDF merger helps people who wish to unify data stored in different files. This merge pdf online can be accessed through any device from any corner of the world.

Why Choose Merge PDF Online Tool?

The merge PDF online tool on SmallSEOTools has several advantages for its users. There are several reasons behind the need for this PDF binder for people involved in using this file format. The top reasons are as follows:

  • Combine Documents from Different Team Members

Using this PDF combiner is inevitable for the people involved in team-based projects. If you’ve worked with a team, you might know that each member has to play a role in completing the project. Each team member might prepare a document to portray their findings and research work.
At the time of the presentation, you would not want to appear unprofessional in front of the judges by submitting multiple files. This PDF merger can save you from this hassle, as you can join pdf online prepared by team members in a single document.

  • Estate Agents:

Filling out forms is a legal requirement for estate agents to carry out multiple processes. In this digital world, forms are mainly submitted in this format; hence, instead of sending each form as a separate document, you can use the PDF merge free to combine and send legal forms as a single file.

  • Make Searching Easy

You must use the PDF joiner online utility if you have thousands of files and want to group them for interlinking purposes. This merge pdf online free tool helps you quickly access any group data without accessing files individually. PDF combiner online makes searching easier for everyone, as all information becomes easily searchable in an extensive directory of electronic documents.

  • Record Management:

Record management is quite a strenuous task for businesses, and it can become more stressful when hunting details of a specific year or department. With this pdf merge online, you can accurately merge PDF documents and save yourself from this hassle, as you can merge all records yearly or departmentally.

Features of our PDF Binder -

This merge PDF tool is one of the best available tools due to its exceptional features. The top-notch features you can enjoy with the online PDF combiner are discussed below.

  • Compatibility

The users won’t face any kind of compatibility issue while using this online PDF joiner. This online pdf merge free is accessible from all devices, whether Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux. You just need an internet connection to access the online pdf merger.

  • Merge Multiple Files & Rearrange

Our online PDF binder allows you to combine up to 20 documents into a single file. You can select multiple files and rearrange them within this pdf merger free to optimize the merged document per your preference.

  • Upload from Cloud

Our online merge PDF supports both Google Drive and Dropbox. Therefore, you can upload the files you want to merge directly from the cloud storage instead of downloading them on your device.

  • No Registration Required

You don’t need to go through the hassle of the registration process for using this PDF joiner. No matter how many times you want to combine PDF online, this online free pdf merger won’t impose any restriction on its usage or ask you to get registered.

  • Guaranteed Security

This PDF binder service is 100% safe and secure. The files uploaded by the users are kept in the servers of this pdf file merger for the merging process. As soon as the files are merged, and users have downloaded their combined files, they are removed from our databases immediately.

  • Free of Cost

There are no charges associated with the usage of our online PDF joiner. You can merge PDF files online as often as possible without paying a penny.

Benefits of Merging PDF Files into One File

People in various fields can utilize this merge PDF online tool and enjoy multiple benefits. The top areas where you can find this online free pdf merger advantageous are discussed below.

  • Financial Reports

Companies must organize their financial set of accounts to present them in front of stakeholders. A company prepares different types of financial reports, and there’s a possibility that multiple people prepare them. In such a case, the PDF merge tool can help you to combine the reports and present them in a single file.

  • Assignments

The students must work in teams to complete the assignments before the deadline. It could waste their time if they keep working on creating a single file one by one. Each team member can prepare separate files and merge PDF files with this online pdf combiner once everyone is done.

  • Legal Documents

As a lawyer, you must collect and secure a wide range of evidence. Instead of keeping the copy of legal papers in separate files, you can combine pdf online with the help of this PDF binder and protect it with a password using the lock PDF online service.

  • Organizational use

An organization may have several departments, each of which might have to present its performance in a report annually or bi-annually. Keeping the performance reports in different files can make management easier for the managers. Therefore, they can use our pdf combiner free tool to combine PDF online in a single document.

  • Save Lot Of Space:

Saving multiple files will cover up more space. Instead of deleting essential files or moving them to portable storage, you can use the PDF joiner to help you merge PDFs and save much space.


  1. Hannah
    It’s a splendid pdf combine online tool that helped me combine PDF files in seconds. Thank you!
  2. Victoria
    This PDF combine tool has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require professional assistance. I managed to merge my PDF files without facing any intricacies.
  3. Clarke
    The best thing about this free combine online pdf tool is that it doesn’t ask us to register like others. It’s brilliant work done by developers.
  4. Andrew
    This PDF merge tool is the best online service I’ve used to combine PDF files. It lets me rearrange files and rotate each of them individually. The availability of such features in a free-of-cost tool is truly a blessing.
  5. Harry
    It’s a great platform with such a handy tool. This PDF merge free facility gave me the results in a blink of an eye. Thanks a lot!


  • Is there any subscription needed to use this pdf merge free tool?

No! You don’t need a subscription to use this free merge pdf tool. The PDF merge online free tool doesn’t demand a penny from any of its users.

  • How many files can I merge with this PDF binder?

The users can merge PDFs of up to 20 files at one go with this PDF joiner online. You can further merge the files if you have more than 20 files, as there’s no restriction on using this merge pdf free tool.

  • Can I rearrange the files with this online Merge PDF tool?

Yes, you can rearrange the files with this pdf merge online free tool. After uploading the files, the merge PDF tool will allow you to change the arrangement per your requirements.

  • Can I rotate files separately?

Yes, this advanced PDF merge allows you to rotate files individually. You can upload the files you want to merge and rotate them separately before clicking the merge button. You can also visit our rotate pdf tool to rotate your file quickly.

  • How many times can I merge PDF files with this Online PDF Merger?

This merge pdf documents tool allows you to merge files as often as possible. No restrictions have been imposed on the usage of this PDF binder online service.

  • Can I upload a file directly from my Google Drive & Dropbox?

Yes! Our PDF merge tool supports both Google Drive and Dropbox. It allows you to upload files directly from cloud storage instead of saving them on your device first.

  • Are my files safe here?

Yes! Your files are completely safe and secure on this platform. The documents are automatically removed from our databases when the process is completed, and the user has downloaded the merged PDF file.

  • Does this PDF combiner save my files?

No! This merge pdf for free online doesn’t save your files. Your files will be removed automatically from the databases after the merging process. You can visit our privacy policy as well.

  • Does this PDF merger support all operating systems?

Yes, this online merge PDF tool supports all operating systems. Whether using an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device, you can easily merge multiple pdf into one with our online pdf combiner.


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