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Compress PDF file size while maintaining its original quality. PDF compressor is perfect for creating lighter size pdf to storing it on drives, sending PDF files by email, sharing PDF documents on social networks and publishing on web pages.

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Compress PDF by using easiest PDF compress Tool

How To Compress PDF Files To Reduce The File Size

Follow these four quick step’s to compress

  1. Select a file to compress:
    To upload just drag-and-drop your PDF file in the box above or upload your PDF to PDF compressor by ( selecting from Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  2. Click the “Compress PDF” Button to Start:
    After uploading your file, click the “Compress PDF” button to Reduce PDF Size. Our tool will start to shrink your PDF file.
  3. Download your file, Rename and Select a location to save
    Rename the optimized PDF or keep the same file name that we suggest to overwrite the original PDF name. Download the compressed PDF file to your computer, Dropbox and Google Drive
  4. Continue to Compress your next PDF document if needed.

The detailed description of the above-given steps to reduce PDF size online are very simple and easy to follow. In fact, they’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t use the PDF reducer sooner.

  1. To reduce the size of your PDF file, visit the online PDF compressor
  2. On the page, you will find three options: Upload, Choose from Dropbox and Choose from Google Drive. From here, you can upload your large PDF file into the PDF file size reducer. Select the option you like to go with.
  3. If your file is on your Google Drive, select “Choose from Google Drive”. Selecting the option will take you to a page where you’ll need to confirm your Gmail account. After this, you’ll have to give SmallSEOTools permission to access your Drive.
  4. Click “Allow” to continue.
  5. Your uploaded document security and privacy are 100% guaranteed, No one will ever have access to your files and will be permanently deleted after 1 hour.
  6. A window will pop up where you can navigate your Google Drive account and find the file you want to upload.
  7. If your file is in your Dropbox, the follow the same process as in the Google Drive option and identify which file you want to compress.
  8. If you choose “Upload,” a window will pop up where you can navigate through your computer to find the file you want the online PDF reducer to compress.
  9. After uploading your file, click “Compress PDF” button to Reduce PDF Size
  10. After the tool compresses your PDF, a new window will open where you can either choose to “Download Your File”, or “Try Again” with another PDF file.
  11. You can also directly save your file in DropBox and Google Drive.
  12. As you can see, the tool is extremely easy to use. Enjoy your compressed PDF file.

How Does The Compression Process Work On A Free PDF Compressor?

The best solution to this problem is simpler than you might first think, and it involves the use of an online PDF compressor. The compressor starts its processing to reduce PDF file size without eliminating any of the elements of the document, maintaining the original formatting and its original quality. The compressor takes the file, scans its repetitive data patterns and removes with unique identifiers to remove the repetition.

Your pictures, charts, and illustrations will remain safe through the process. This is how compressor optimizes your PDF and compresses PDF files into a smaller size, and enables you to benefit from the advantages of working with a light PDF file.

The PDF lighter in size reduces the amount of time spent on file uploading and cuts down the extra size of your PDF files.

The best part of this solution is that the tool is completely online. This means that you do not need to download any software or install any programs. You can reduce PDF file size online easily.

About PDFs Uniform File Format – Compress PDF Online

Some people argue that PDF files are the best thing to happen to us. Well, when you think about it, PDF files provide us a lot of value. First of all, it offers a very revolutionary solution to common problems – problems that have disturbed people for a long time.

For PDFs, they solve a problem by providing universal formats. As more and more of our everyday lives moved online, there was a need for a uniform file format that: could be easily accessed by everyone; it could be opened by most programs; and stayed consistent through all of its various forms.

It may be difficult to accept that PDF files are that important. But to put things into perspective, imagine what things would be like without PDFs. How would you read eBooks? How would you download exclusive newsletters? How would you share files with your friends and colleagues?

PDFs are not just great because they can be shared and accessed by everyone, but also because they are very fluid. You can convert virtually anything to PDF these days thanks to online tools.

You can convert word documents, excel files, and even PowerPoint presentations! In converting other file formats to PDFs, remember that you can fit all kinds of characters into a PDF file. From charts and graphs to pictures. Not only can you fit these elements into a PDF file with the right tools, but you can also lock your PDF files fairly easily. This feature is especially loved by people who use PDFs to share confidential information. It thus goes without saying that PDFs are amazing.

The Bad Things About Large Sized PDFs – Reduce PDF Size

Reading all of these wonderful things about PDF files can often trick you into believing that they are perfect and flawless. Unfortunately, they are not. PDFs have a single problem with them that threatens to unravel all of their wonderful advantages. But before we go into that, do you remember the last time you created a PDF file with pictures in it? If you had a lot of pictures in the file, then chances are it was very large right? The pictures definitely do not make PDF smaller. Instead, they increase the size significantly. In fact, every picture you add to a PDF file will bring its own file size along with it. Now, imagine your file had other elements as well. Elements like graphs, charts, and illustrations. I reckon your PDF will be as large as 50MB at this point.

The reason it feels like the program you normally use Compress PDF to 100kb or less is that most PDFs contain words only. Words are some of the lightest characters in computing. Pictures and illustrations, on the other hand, are not.

The Issue with Large-Sized PDF In Sharing On The Internet.

Large PDF files defeat the whole purpose of PDFs on a fundamental level. On taking a closer look, you’ll find that a large PDF counters nearly every advantage that the file format has. For example, large PDFs cannot be opened universally. Network and connectivity problems can cause difficulty in sending and receiving large PDF files. You aren't able to send large-sized pdf by email neither you can share with friends on social media nor you can publish your PDF documents on web pages. Because of most email servers and social media messenger limit file size to 25 Mb - 50 MB. The DPI issue of a large-sized PDF file while scanning and uploading files to the web and email is also an issue.

Additionally, not all programs can seamlessly open large PDF files, and some of them will usually lag when you try to launch them.

Possible Ways To Reduce PDF Size

You could try several things to try to Compress PDF file size and ultimately shrink PDF. But at the end of the day, most of them will not work. For example, you could try creating the file in another format, and then converting it to PDF. But this won’t help to compress. This is because however large the elements are in the file, they will retain their size when they become PDFs. You could also try to reduce the size by cutting out things like pictures, or even entire pages off your document. But you know this doesn’t really solve the problem because it will cost you the loss of valuable information.


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