Add password for PDF security, giving you the freedom to lock PDF's

A PDF encryption or PDF lock is a practice in which access to PDF encoded information is denied. Access controls can be implemented like registration codes or passwords; these are the keys to open a lock on a PDF document.

Some PDF locks can be achieved with hardware, other types of PDF locks are achieved by implementing in software which may require user identification codes, registration codes, as well as network to be present or provided. To be used effectively, a PDF lock has to use encryption if it intends to prevent anyone from being able to access a PDF file without having a proper key. Just like any other locks, of course, there are different grades of PDF locks.

To secure a simple PDF file, it uses a password to allow access to the file content. Although, this isn’t a very effective way to encrypt PDF because the password can easily be forgotten or given away with the help of PDF password recovery tools. At times, the password is also made available with the document which is not a very wise tactic. To secure PDF, you must have to utilize PDF encrypt approach. A thorough PDF lock goes much further as it results in a more stable approach to protect PDF online or protect PDF from editing. The breaking of the PDF lock becomes much more complicated.

The capability of PDF lock to protect PDF from editing can be enhanced if the lock exhibits some of the features of the physical locks such as only accessing the lock at certain times and not opening the lock if the surroundings are wrong or not reliable. So we can say that PDF lock has a granular and encrusted architecture, rather than a simple mechanism. You can decide which features of a PDF file you want to lock or keep open as well as under what circumstances and for how long.

A PDF lock is a critical approach which supports the application of DRM to PDF files. If you are worried about how to set password for pdf file in adobe reader, then you no longer need to worry. You can find many PDF lock tools online which you can use an easy alternate to secure PDF documents.

The good thing about using PDF lock to protect PDF is that it doesn’t circumvent rights as it doesn’t prevent anyone with the password to access and view content on file and even editing it. However, a PDF lock must fulfill its purpose of preventing unauthorized users from accessing and passing on any information, once it is locked.

When it comes to password protect PDF Mac or protect PDF from editing there is no better approach than lock PDF online. It might seem that the password is the core, however, what really secure PDF documents is the encryption. When you are creating a file through PDF software, you have the ability to lock PDF online. All you need is a quality PDF tool, and it will do the rest.

Behind the scenes, the file contents are crawled by an encryption algorithm. After that, only a person with the password or encryption key will be able to access the file to view and edit it. For sensitive, confidential information, this helps to add an extra layer of protection for all the information. This process can contribute to protect PDF and publishing rights.

If the PDF lock tool uses a strong encryption algorithm combined with a strong password, common PDF password cracking tools will have a tough time trying to crack the password.

This efficient tool offered by SmallSEOTools, lets you lock PDF files with a password to access them, ensuring the security. You might be interested in securing PDFs so they can’t be copied, edited, or printed. However, the most common protection available is the password protection which can easily be removed using one of the many free available PDF password cracker tools. Once the user has succeeded in removing the password, he’s now free to do whatever he like with the file.

Use our Lock PDF online tool to encrypt and secure PDF with a password so it can’t be removed. You just have to upload the PDF, enter the password and click on ‘Lock PDF’ button.

  • Secure encryption with maximum security: Many lock tools set PDF password that can easily be removed. Our tool thoroughly encrypts your files so that it would give a hard time to anyone trying to crack the password.
  • Secure password of good length: If you wish to set a secure password, it is recommended to use a non-dictionary word of minimum seven characters. Also, you should include capital letters, symbols, and numeric characters.
  • All files are secured: All your files and passwords are transferred with secure SSL connections. Soon after generating the password, the files are deleted permanently to make sure that your privacy isn’t compromised in any way.

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