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Thesis Statement Generator

Craft diverse and compelling thesis statements with our AI thesis statement generator and elevate the quality of your work within seconds.
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What Is the Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a summary of an academic work’s major ideas or arguments. Its goal is to clarify the writer’s intent and assist readers in grasping the objective and scope of a paper. Therefore, it usually appears in the introduction and only has one sentence. In addition to guiding the readers, a thesis statement helps organize the ideas. Therefore, its perfect placement ensures the effective delivery of the intended message. 

How to Use the Thesis Statement Generator?

Using the thesis statement generator by doesn’t require any advanced skillset. Here’s how to start using this thesis creator:

Enter the main subject or topic in the appropriate text field.

Pick a type of thesis statement from one of the available options.

Tap the ‘Generate’ button, and within a few seconds, our tool will craft multiple thesis statements according to your prompt.

Explore the generated outcome to find the best fit for your needs and save it by using the appropriate option.

After entering these steps, here’s an example of a thesis statement created by our tool:

Sample Prompt: The impact of social media on mental health.

Output: Social media significantly affects mental health by influencing self-esteem, increasing anxiety, and promoting addictive behaviors, necessitating a critical examination of its role in modern society.


Benefits of Thesis Generator

Thesis generator can help you write better and produce higher-quality work. Apart from that, our thesis statement maker offers a lot of advantages. Here are a handful of them:

AI Based Thesis Generator Free

This online thesis statement generator takes aid from artificial intelligence (AI) technology to interpret the input and provide results. The use of such modern technology ensures relevant, coherent, and tailored outcomes.

A Great Way to Save Time

Writing a thesis statement is typically a time-consuming process, as it requires identifying the key points or claims. However, our ai thesis writer can eliminate all that difficulty. No matter how complicated the input is, this web utility can quickly generate a cohesive and meaningful thesis statement.

Helps Stimulating Creativity and Great Ideas

This online thesis statement generator can boost its users’ creativity with just an idea, the thesis builder can generate a variety of thesis statements and stimulate fresh viewpoints. Therefore, users can utilize its output to guarantee the development of a compelling argument.

Provides Multiple Outputs

Our AI-powered thesis writer offers quick access to a wide range of thesis statement choices. This makes it easier for users to choose the best one for their specific use case.

Helps You Come Up with Unique Statements for Your Paper

The AI-based algorithms of this thesis maker enable it to consistently deliver unique results. Even if users repeat the input, the tool will still provide distinct results. Therefore, users can easily stand out by using this online utility's help. 

Types of Thesis Statements:

There are several types of thesis statements that can help meet a wide range of writing scenarios. Fortunately, our thesis statement generator is sophisticated enough to support all those types. Here is a quick overview of the most popular thesis statement types:

Analytical Thesis Statement

An analytical thesis statement dissects a problem or concept into its constituent components. This breakdown helps it assess the problem or idea, which eventually makes it easier for writers to provide the audience with analysis and assessment.

Argumentative Thesis Statement

An argumentative thesis statement has one aim—to persuade the readers regarding the validity of a claim. Therefore, this type of thesis statement often involves making a claim about a topic and justifying that claim with precise evidence. You can write a thesis statement for your argument with our free thesis statement generator.

Cause and Effect Thesis Statement

A cause-and-effect thesis statement provides an explanation of the causes and consequences of an event. This form of thesis statement helps draw a clear link between causes and effects in a document.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement

A compare-and-contrast thesis statement assists in identifying the differences and similarities between multiple subjects. Therefore, writers use this type of thesis statement when they have to analyze how two or more subjects are alike and different.

Evaluation Thesis Statement

An evaluation thesis statement follows a set criterion for passing a value judgment about a certain topic or subject. This kind of thesis statement offers a clear opinion or stance by evaluating the subject.


What Is a Thesis Statement in Writing?

A thesis statement in writing is often a single line that contains a brief of the key ideas or claims. It is useful for educating readers about a document’s fundamental theme and writing direction.

What Is a Thesis in an Essay?

A thesis in an essay is a primary statement that emphasizes the important ideas or arguments that the writer aims to communicate. Typically, essay writers put this in the opening. However, in order to strengthen their stance, writers have to revisit the thesis throughout the essay.

What is a Thesis in a Speech?

A thesis in a speech is the major concept or point that the speaker wants to convey to the audience. It establishes the speech's framework and aids in content organization and emphasis.

What is a Thesis Statement in a Research Paper?

A research paper’s thesis statement is a succinct synopsis of the central idea or claim that the document seeks to validate or explore. It helps the writer stay focused on the main subject and gives the research direction.

How to create a thesis statement?

To create a thesis statement, you will simply have to access the thesis statement generator at and operate the tool according to the provided instructions.

Can AI write a thesis statement?

Yes! AI can write a thesis statement by employing language processing algorithms and machine learning models’ training. A living example of such an AI-powered tool is the thesis statement generator available at


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