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It is an undeniable fact that Facebook is an essential tool for marketers in the digital world. However, it is actually quite thrilling to see that businesses have envisioned the potential of how powerful the platform can be for their digital marketing venture. However, the bigger picture is still yet to be discovered by many of the businesses out there, and there is a slight problem with this. One of the surveys suggests that only 45% of marketers think their Facebook marketing is operative and effectively providing the results.



Considering the fact that Facebook has almost 1.18 billion users using the platform daily with each user spending 50 minutes on average, this is quite surprising, isn’t it? With such a massive number of users, we undoubtedly expect Facebook to be a treasure chest for marketers. Instead, many people have been showing concerns like why their Facebook marketing sucks? Or Why aren’t they getting a return on investment while marketing their product or service on social media? These concerns might be worrying about you as well. Therefore, we have tailored some essential points on how to jump-start your business’s Facebook marketing campaign making your Facebook posts lead to the conversions that you desire or even beyond.


1.    Create a Professional Looking Facebook Page

  • Fill in all the crucial information your potential customers would want to know about your business.

  • Visuals should be of high resolution.

  • Engage your audience more with polls, surveys, and posting more images and videos than plain texts. (Note: Anyone can download Facebook videos for free with the help of a Facebook Video Downloader By

  • Always use the spell checker to avoid a grammatical mistake that can overshadow the useful information regarding the product or service you offer.


2.    How to write a Perfect Facebook Post?

  • Make sure you are clear on the Call-to-Action strategy that will take your viewers to your website for purchase orders.

  • An eye-catching title for the post that clearly describes the goal and objective.

  • The tone of the post should be catchy, friendly, and respectful depending on the product or service your business offers.

  • Again, minimal use of words presents maximum information.


3.    Effectively using the Facebook Marketing Tools

  • Boost your posts to the identified targeted audience to maximize the results.

  • Use Call to Actions buttons like ‘Buy Now,’ ‘See more like this’ or ‘Contact Us.’

  • Produce your content beforehand and auto-schedule your posts by choosing the peak time and days.

  • Market the products with Sponsored Facebook ads and track the success accordingly.


4.    Track and Make Adjustments

  • Use the Facebook Insights feature to track the engagement on your posts.

  • Monitor the highs and lows of the campaign and see which posts are showing average results to improve them next time.

  • Focus on the keywords used that define your target market and related industry.

  • Make adjustments so that your future campaign thanks you in advance.


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