Keep These Links At Arm's length To Avoid Penalties By Google

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Every professional knows that if you get more than enough backlinks, then it can harm the reputation of the site. In short, Google Algorithms can bring you down on the scale of ranks or worse, get you hit by Panda. The last time that happened was around 2011, and things went haywire. This was when backlinking was at its peak and people even linked to sites that had spammy backlinks. After the updates in Google’s algorithm, many sites remained affected for two years, and after two years they got a chance to get better. Still, there are links that can actually harm your websites ranks so be careful and renounce them as soon as you can.


1.   Press Release & Discussion Forum Links

  • This is where you just had to write a few press release lines and spread it to as many press releases issuers as you can. You would get hundreds of links instantly, but it got mistreated, and Google turned these links into a link scheme because of easy manipulation. So, it is better to stay away from such links, especially that have your main keyword in the anchor text. No doubt, such content needs to have a Backlink, which is why it is better to use a vanity URL or link that is visible to the readers.
  • Forum discussions in most of the cases are good especially if the incoming link is from a well-established website. Such type of link without any worries can be kept but if you have hundreds or thousands of inbound links from discussion forums that aren’t from your area and contain low-quality spammy links it is better to abandon them.

2.   PBN’s and Directory Submissions

  • The Private Blog Network was once a proper technique of building backlinks without leaving any footprints. You were able to notice how well it supported your website but not anymore because Google can easily detect and penalize such networks. Now, these links cause you to lose a lot of organic traffic and sometimes it might take longer for Google to find out about these links, but there is no way that they can escape Google's Algorithms.
  • The services like directory submission no doubt is an ideal way for promoting local business, but when it comes to increasing Google rankings, then submission of links that have low quality can have lousy influence than any good on rankings. Using these links for optimization is not a wise choice, but there is an exception for local businesses.

3.    Blog Comments & Link Building Programs

  • Every single person in SEO knows that this tactic is not going to work out, but still people have insisted on keep going with this ancient strategy. Do you know that these spammy blog comments gave birth to the NoFollow links? Their main motive was to put a stop to spammers who are getting benefit from these sections of websites. Still, there is a right way to do things, by leaving a comment which is relevant to the topic and the site you are posting on. You can also use free backlink generator tools which are easy to find online and mostly free.
  • There are various tools available for creating automated links and have been used a few years ago, but their value is highly dropped now. An expert SEO guy will never ask you to go for this option especially for the site you are investing in. Google’s algorithms are updated now, which is why it is better to avoid such SEO practices.
  • Above were the most common scenarios that can hurt the stature of your website but if backlinks aren’t the reason of de-rank, then it will be a good idea to check the quality of the content of your site and look for plagiarism plus other crawling problems. If still, you aren’t able to discover the problem then you need to hire an SEO professional who can run diagnostics and find the root of the issue.

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