Google I/O Event 2019. What To Expect From Developer Conference?

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Google I/O kicks off on this May 7th making it on Tuesday. The annual I/O developer conference will be featured with an essential presence by CEO Sundar Pichai and other executives from the company. Who will unveil the Google’s introduction on many of its newly introduced features and improvements coming to the world of Android, Google Assistant, and many of the other apps and services run by the company over the next year. While the conference will have led to its conclusion by 9th of May, the big announcements are expected to start happening during the 90-minute keynote.



This year will prove to be a little different at the mega tech-house as Google is all set to announce two new Pixel smartphones during the I/O presentation. The company also planned to launch a new lower-cost option apart from the top of the line flagship phone to balance out the smartphone refresh cycle. We are expecting several announcements relating to the AI advancements and other machine learning Google has been working recently.

Here’s a preview of what’s likely to happen on this Tuesday:


The internet was bamboozled with plenty of leaks roaming around it on the new Pixel phones by Google, but a final surf has confirmed almost everything we need to know about Google’s upcoming midrange Pixel phones before the hands-on. The initial model from the range, Pixel 3A, will reportedly start at $399, while the 6-inch screen, the larger Pixel 3A XL will be starting from the price tag of $479.

Missing the legendary headphone jack? Well, the good news is that it is retained in the upcoming devices by Google. With providing the same camera performance as of its flagship Pixel 3, Google did some cost-cutting in several of its production areas. According to the leaks, processors are a little less powered and the body built has been switched from the glass body to the plastic one. The phone also opts out the wireless charging feature.


Google hastily unveiled take on the company’s Nest-branded Home Hub smart display. The upcoming Nest Hub Max features a wide 10-inch screen and built-in stereo speakers. However, the details regarding the features are still yet to be discovered on the I/O event.

It is very likely the Nest Hub Max will be running on the existing software that puts a considerable emphasis on the approach of Google Assistant which provides it a visual interface that can be placed anywhere in your home. The expected price tag for the new 7-inch Home Hub is expected to be just around $150.


Surely, we have observed the recent updates and beta releases from Google’s development for its all-new Android Q, but the bigger picture is saved for its stage presentation at I/O.

The newly introduced features of Android Q will tend to give its users more flexible privacy controls and the ability to limit the apps sensation to track the user’s location. From the beta releases, the dark mode, all new and different color theme options, and a decent responsive sharing are about to hit the market. Emphasized details regarding the Q features that will be introduced for future of foldable phones will be seen on the event.


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