Kashan Riaz

Content Writer
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Hi there! I’m Kashan, 22. I have majored in Business Administration with Entrepreneurial modules from DMU, Leicester, UK. One of my very first jobs was as a salesperson at Lebara Telecommunications. Fond of writing, therefore, I started writing as a freelancer, now working as a Content Writer at Content Arcade. In my free time, I love to sketch, cook, travel and play music.
Full Name:
Kashan Riaz
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Kashan Riaz
Job Title:
Content Writer
Content Arcade
Type of Work:
Content Writer
Favorite Things:
Sketching, Travelling
Member Since:
May, 2022
Favorite Topics:
Technology, Blogging, News
Performance Overview
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Microsoft has announced to switch its Edge Browser with Chromium. The company has decided to seek assistance of Google & their relations have been better. ...
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Smart Goals For A Smarter SEO Campaign
Many SEO\\'s will counsel the businesses just to get the work in a specific company. However, real strategies are, that makes SEO campaign smart & realistic....
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Are Small Businesses Afraid Of Doing SEO?
Are you running a small business in your local area but want to grow globally just with minimal efforts? Learn how to effectively carry an SEO campaign....
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Create A Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign Now.
Facebook is not enough for businesses but they need to perform an effective marketing campaign too. Facebook marketing campaign generates more leads....
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Revive Your Business Website With These 10 Spring Cleaning Tips
Want to attract more audience engagement for your online venture? It is time to breathe life into old website with these 10 unbeaten spring cleaning tricks. ...
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Slack Has Hit 10 Million Daily Users, Now Plans To Go Public
Slack decided to go public via a direct listing.10 million daily users, the company is still experiencing loss financially & thus to sell its stock to public. ...
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Insanely Actionable SEO Tips for 2019 You Don't Want To Miss
To get ranking high in search engine? Get started with our insanely easy & useful tips for SEO to enhance existing campaigns that we have mastered over time...
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Legendary Microsoft Paint Is Not Going Anywhere From Windows.
Microsoft is not going anywhere its is still working in Windows 10 new update. Brandon LeBlanc said “It’ll remain included in Windows 10 for now"....


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