Simple Tricks to Increase Traffic During Website Redesign

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Do you need an overhaul of your business website? Is it necessary for you to redesign your old site? Do you have a plan to complete this work?

It is not easy to overhaul or redesign a website. You have to worry about several factors, such as SEO. Redesigning a website is different than redesigning a room. It is crucial to redesign a website to increase organic traffic. Transitioning into an improved and new site could be exhilarating, but you can’t ignore the impending danger. The SEO world makes it necessary for you to continually redesign a website. Even your old site needs some fine-tuning.

Now you may think how to do this. Several SEO elements are essential to consider. Redesigning can help you to increase organic traffic on your website. Transitioning your old website into an improved site can be an exciting process. In this process, you can’t ignore impending dangers, such as the decrease in traffic while working. Your website needs a constant redesign, so make sure to follow the pace.

With a little carelessness, you will lose this digital game. It doesn’t mean to avoid a redesign because it is necessary. Sometimes, you can get better results with simple tweaks. Make sure to pay attention to the important stuff.

If you are planning a redesign, read carefully because we are sharing some simple tricks to maintain traffic while redesigning a website.




Web Redesign Objectives


Why are you planning a redesign for your website? Planning is necessary for a successful redesigning. Make sure to define your goals and strategies clearly before executing your plans. Does your organization need a jumpstart for a good reputation? Are you interested in converting your traffic in customers? Do you want to retain your traffic or want to increase it?

There could be so many different goals. Decide on yours!




Content is King


Content is King!

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Other than website interface, content plays an essential role to decide traffic on your site. The best website doesn’t only sell but educate and increase loyal visitors. People are not interested in lengthy content; they skim through websites and look for useful details. If they can find useful information, congratulations because it becomes your saccharine spot.

Blogs can be a great way to boost the quality of SEO. It sends signals to major search engines that your site contains appropriate answers to particular questions. Links and keywords are indispensable to broaden the reach of your website. Try to sprinkle relevant links and keywords in your content, but don’t overdo it.

You can’t forget a mobile platform because smartphones are becoming indispensable in the world. Feel free to take advantage of the trends. Try to produce readable content for mobile readers. Carefully format your content for small screens and easy scanning. Use infographic pictures, subheadings, and bullets.

Feel free to create content in a different format, such as pictures, short videos, slide shares, etc. Try to make your content bite-size for the convenience of users.




Pay attention to SEO efforts


You can’t mingle with technical stuff without necessary skills. Fortunately, several SEO tools are available for your assistance. Use of these tools can make your redesigning journey easy. Here are some essential things to consider:

  • Keyword Mapping and Research

With this tool, you can borrow keywords from high-ranking sites. Make sure to prepare a list of keyword searches in the top-ranking pages. Put them in one spreadsheet. Mention the main keywords from every page and check their monthly search volume. You have to consider the relevance of keywords to your particular questions and articles. With this information and data, you can design your SEO campaigns to your site.

  • Check Compatibility of Mobile

People are accustomed to using their smartphone to browse the internet. Google prefers a mobile-friendly site at the peak of SERPs. You may wonder how to make a site mobile-friendly. In the first step, you have to pay attention to the responsiveness of design to a mobile platform. Powering your site to fit on different screens is essential to increase its mobile-friendliness.

  • Permalinks: Friendly for Search Engines

Structure of permalink is essential while transitioning into a redesigned site. You can’t change the structure of permalink without sufficient knowledge. Wrong structure of permalink may increase confusion for search engines. As a result, the ranking of your website may plummet. Do your research to learn how to improve the permalinks depending on the posts and site.

  • See Score of Page Speed

With website redesigning, you will get sufficient opportunity to boost the performance of your site. Try to use tools recommended by Google for the assistance of webmasters to improve the performance of the website. With these tools, you can get a suggestion to improve the performance of your site. They may analyze the content of your website and use data to fix several problems that obstruct its speed.




Call to Actions


Call to actions (CTA) is for marketing strategy. Creating a CTA strategy for your site can help you to understand the psychology of your audience. Try to apply call to actions to your website content. It may play an important role in traffic conversion; especially a unique phrase and cool design can help your business.

The efficient CTA phrases must be specific and brief to attract your visitors to hit a beautiful button. Appropriate placement is necessary. If you want to get its better advantages, put it at the end of blog articles. However, it is useful to put CTAs when your content touches the peak of interest.




Redirect Pages


When you want to substitute a page, several web-designers create a new page associated with the original website. Designers may use redirects while adding a new site to the original one. Regardless of your reason, make sure to do it accurately.

Wrong redirects may affect the experience of users and force your audience to leave your site prematurely. You can’t overlook this section of the equation because it may affect your Google ranking and referral traffic.




Manage Organic Traffic Behaviour


Aforementioned redesigning elements can be the reasons for a drop in the traffic of your website. For instance, misuse of CTAs, incompatibility of mobile phone and improper redirects. There are several methods to fix these issues, especially when you are in the middle of a process.

Webmasters use these SEO tools to monitor the behavior of traffic and collect data for future. With analytic tools, you can understand traffic. A redesigning procedure is necessary to use essential data and address different issues. It is needed to choose the perfect design and acclimatize to the present situation.



Redesigning a website needs plenty of effort. If you want priceless rewards, make sure to evaluate the situation and find out possible problems carefully. After arming with accurate knowledge, you can slide through a possible transition with surefire success.


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