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The digital world is defined by change, with industry techniques and trends constantly evolving. As a digital business owner and SEO practitioner, one of the most effective ways to stay abreast with the latest digital trends and SEO practices is by attending digital marketing and SEO conferences. This offers you great learning, networking, and growth opportunities that can improve your business and professional career generally.

In this post, we put together a carefully compiled list of SEO conferences slated for 2019, which we think are worth your attendance. But before we go over the list, let's see why you should be attending industry conferences like these.




  • Test and sharpen your skills: If there's one thing that attending a live event can do for you, it's the opportunity to measure your skillset against those of your peers and competitors in your industry. This helps you know the areas you are lagging behind in and where to focus on for continued growth. In other words, breaking away from work to come to interact with other business owners can help sharpen your skills, as you exchange ideas and knowledge with other people. It’s an avenue to learn, unlearn and relearn so that you can get better at what you do, which will benefit your business.

  • Grow your business: Attending a live workshop can help you grow your business in many ways. For one, it’s a chance for you to learn from experienced people as well as from your peers in the industry. It's an opportunity to know what techniques are working and no longer working. It's where you’ll get to discover new ways to navigate your business, which means you'll ultimately leave the conference with new approaches and ideas which when implemented can grow your business.

  • Meet industry experts one-on-one: Yes, you've been reading their blogs, watching their YouTube videos, and following them on Instagram, but it's a whole new ball game when you meet in-person those that inspire you. A conference brings together industry experts and participants to share the same space. Being present at a conference improves your chances of meeting and connecting with the experts in your field. And who knows? Building a more beneficial relationship with them is possible as well. You can meet up with speakers after they are done with their presentation to have one-on-one interaction with them. You can also ask them questions with regards to your business and receive immediate feedback.

  • New space, new ideas: There's something about sitting behind a desk all day or gazing at the computer screen all through the week… doing the same thing again and again. It has a way of stifling the flow of new ideas and creativity in your mind. But when you break out, like attending a conference or workshop and mingle with other like-minds, you'll be open to a free and fresh flow of ideas that can help grow your business.

  • Networking opportunities: Conferences provide a workable environment for making connections. You get to interact with colleagues, prospects, and experts to exchange ideas and also establish a business or social relationship. As you interact, you might even discover some strategies you are oblivious to in your specialty, which could be pretty useful for achieving your business goals. You can connect with other attendees over breakfast or lunch break sessions. Networking can really help advance your business and career.

  • Knowledge of new tools: Chances are, you don't know every work tool in your industry. But conferences are also an avenue for the exhibition of industry tools by companies. You get to discover new tools that can boost your online visibility and sales. It’s also an opportunity to ask tool providers questions regarding the tools you are having challenges using in your business.

  • Leave your comfort zone: This is important. The world is evolving daily and trends are coming up as well. It’s easy to be tied down in your comfort zone, getting stuck with old techniques and tactics that are no longer working, while the rest of the world keeps eclipsing. Showing up at live events takes you out of your comfort zone and gets you acquainted with current trends in your industry. That usually would turn out to be a huge plus for your business.

  • It’s a lot of fun: Attending live events is just fun. Think of the amazing connections, learning opportunities, exposure, experiences, and even the opportunity  to visit a new location you've not been at before.


With the above benefits to get you all pumped up, let's now see the best SEO conferences you should consider attending this year, which will help you advance your business and career.






Digimarcon is a leading digital marketing conference held annually around the globe. It's actually the largest digital marketing conference, with about 20 conferences held annually. The conference is for businesses that want to improve on their lead generation, expand brand awareness, increase sales, etc.

Attendees include: Entrepreneurs, web project managers, agencies, brands and individuals who operate or work online. Date: Multiple dates around the globe (do a quick Google search to see when it's coming to your city or country).

Location: Multiple locations around the globe including Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Middle East (do a quick Google search to see if it's coming to your city or country).  Topics: Lead generation, customer engagement, targeting, and optimization.

Notable event speakers: Loni Stark of Adobe, Michael Brenner of Marketing Insider Group, and Minnie Ang of HubSpot

Cost: $994

Event website:

digital summit


If you want to step up your SEO and marketing game, then you shouldn't miss this SEO conference. Started in 2012 and produced by TechMedia, the Digital Summit series is a community of thought leaders gathered from top brands to share their insights on current digital marketing trends, strategies and best practices with businesses and organizations.

Attendees include: Service providers, agencies, SEOs, national brands, B2B providers, startups, etc. Date: Multiple dates around the globe (do a quick Google search to see when it’s coming to your city or country). Location: Multiple locations around the globe (do a quick Google search to see when it’s coming to your city or country). Topics: Mobile marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and search marketing.

Notable event speakers: Robert Rose of Content Marketing Institute, Mindy Weistein of Market Mind Shift, Industry experts from leading brands like GoDaddy, Cisco, Twitter, and more.

Cost: $295-$995

Event website:

search love


The Search Love conference is organized by Distilled, an online marketing agency that focuses on helping all types of businesses thrive online. It’s targeted at individuals and organizations that want to power up their skills with the latest digital marketing techniques and SEO tactics.

Attendees include: Digital marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, SEOs, etc. Date: March 4-5, 2019 (San Diego, California); October 14-15, 2019 (London, UK)

Location: San Diego, London.

Topics: SEO, analytics, content, mobile search, and PPC.

Notable event speakers: Britney Muller of Moz, Will Critchlow of Distilled, and Heather Physioc of VML&R.

Cost: £779-£1,079 (London), $999-$1,299(San Diego)

Event website:

social media week


The Lagos Social Media Week conference is Africa's largest tech and digital media event held annually mainly in February. Its week-long programming focuses on ideas, trends, insights, business practices and policy that leverage technology to transform industries and communities across Africa. Experts also discuss the latest techniques attendees can use to grow their businesses like SEO, social media marketing, and content. The programming also features yoga, meditation, and mindfulness workshops.

Attendees include: Entrepreneurs, industry leaders, digital marketers, creatives, agencies, companies, startups, etc.

Date: February

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Topics: Digital marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, SEO, analytics, content, mobile search, and more.

Notable event speakers: Ngozi Madueke-Dozie, Soji Ogundoyin, Martin Mabutho, Lasisi Elenu, Joey Akan, Collins Onuegbu, Obinna Ezekie, Afua Osei, Eva Alordiah, JJ Omojuwa, Idia Aisien, Banky W, Nedu Wazobia, and more.

Cost: $0 - $400 (early bird rates available).

Event website:





Pubcon is a search and social media conference that provides a learning and networking environment for businesses and organizations, where they are updated on the current techniques and insights in SEO, social media, content marketing, etc. It was founded by Brett Tabke in the year 2000. The Pubcon is adjudged to be the search marketing conference to have run the longest in internet history.

Attendees include: Marketers, SEOs, consultants, businesses, etc.

Date: March 5-7, 2019

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Topics: SEO, content marketing, link building, social media marketing, analytics and more.

Notable event speakers: Duane Forrester of Yext, Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, Purna Virji of Microsoft, and Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting.

Cost: $449-$5,999

Event website:






BrightonSEO is a huge search marketing training event held twice in a year. It’s a one day SEO conference which brings together the best SEO experts to share some insights about search marketing. It’s an opportunity to learn from experts who know what they are doing. As at the time of writing this, all their free tickets have been claimed but training tickets are still available for purchase.

Attendees include: SEOs, digital marketers, agencies, businesses, etc.

Date: April 11-12, 2019

Location: Brighton, England.

Topics: Training courses include content creation, search optimisation, Google analytics, link building, search marketing, outreach, PPC, etc.

Notable event speakers: John Mueller of Google, Areej AbuAli of Verve Search, and Olga Andrienko of SEMrush.


Cost: £0-£600

Event website:





This is a community of digital influencers where inbound marketing and SEO will be dished out to educate attendees and help them grow their careers and businesses better. The Inbound conference is an annual event organized by HubSpot, an inbound marketing software platform. Last year's event pulled amazing keynote speakers like Seth Godin, Michelle Obama, and others.

Attendees include: Salespeople, Marketers, agencies, etc.

Date: September 3-6, 2019

Location: Boston, USA.

Notable event speakers: Deepak Chopra, Scott Harrison of Charity, and Shonda Rhimes of Grey's Anatomy.

Cost: $499-$1,999

Event website:


digital marketing skill share


This is a fun-filled digital marketing conference packed with inspiration, insights, and matchmaking. Over 40 plus leading experts will be sharing their strategies, knowledge, and insights to help advance your performance in the digital sphere. It’s a must-attend conference as it's infused with fun and relaxation during and after the session.

Attendees include: Entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, agency owners, etc.

Date: October 2019

Location: Bali, Indonesia.

Topics: SEO, digital lifestyle, social media, web analytics, and CRO.

Notable event speakers: Andrea D Ottavio of Web Academy, Gael Breton of Authority Hacker, and Hanne Vervaeck of Thrive Theme.

Cost: $347-$997

Event website:


seo conference


The Chaing Mai SEO Conference is an annual event held in Southeast Asia, where top SEO professionals and entrepreneurs gather to exchange ideas, insights on Google's latest algorithms and network with the SEO community. It was kicked off in 2017 and hosted by Diggity Marketing. Chaing Mai SEO Conference happens to be the first-ever conference in Thailand that is strictly based on SEO.

This is a 2-day conference and it will be coinciding with the Loi Krathong lantern festival celebrated annually in Thailand from 11-13 of November. It certainly is a place to be if you want to sharpen your digital game. Attendees include: SEOs, entrepreneurs, agency owners, super affiliates, content marketing aficionados, etc.

Date: November 14-15, 2019

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Cost: $297-$997

Event website:



If you are looking to supercharge your online marketing ROI, then the UnGagged SEO and digital marketing conference is for you. Founded in 2013 by Damien Trevatt and Greg Hayman, UnGagged aims at providing participants with practical internet marketing strategies that have been tested by industry experts. The presentations are not censored and recording devices aren't allowed, too. It’s a 3-day event with an extra day for master classes.

Attendees include: Digital agencies, companies, entrepreneurs, etc.

Date: April 1-3, 2019

Location: London, UK.

Topics: SEO, content, SEM, mobile, link building, social media, digital marketing strategy and more.

Notable event speakers: Dixon Jones of Majestic, Jenna Tiffany of Let's Talk Strategy, Greg Gifford of DealerOn, and Bastian Grimm of Peak Ace.

Cost: $745-$1,595

Event website:



advanced search summit



Napa Advanced Search Summit is an SEO-driven conference that provides digital marketing insights and actionable techniques to inspire and educate businesses. If you want to dominate SERPs and intensify your brand focus, then you shouldn't miss this SEO conference.

Attendees include: Digital marketers, search engine marketers, marketing executives, digital agencies, etc.

Date: April 4-5, 2019

Location: Napa Valley, CA.

Topics: SEO, PPC, content, SEM and more.

Notable event speakers: Marcus Tober of SearchMetrics, Asana Gautam of Ziff Davis, and Fabrice Canel of Bing.

Cost: $249.99-$899.99

Event website:




Are you up for learning and networking on a Spanish beach? Then the SEonthebeach conference is your best shot. Set to walk attendees through SEO best practices by leading experts, this beach SEO conference is the place to be.

Attendees include: Digital agencies, startups, brands, etc.

Date: June 14-15, 2019

Location: La Manga, Spain.

Topics: SEO, SEM, etc.

Notable event speakers: Lisa Myers of Verve Search, Aleyda Solis of Orainti, and Gary lllyes of Google.

Cost: €245-€300

Event website:


tech seo boost




We've been listing out conferences that teach SEO, however, this is the only conference that's driven towards technical SEO. And the best part is that it's a free conference. Created by Catalyst in 2017, the TechSEO Boost is targeted at educating businesses and brands on how to maximize their website's visibility and performance. This conference is for you if you are having challenges with technical SEO and getting found online.

Attendees include: Developers, programmers, advanced SEO specialist, etc.

Date: November 2019

Location: Boston, MA.


Cost: Free

Event website:




the social shake up




Are you looking for a social environment to learn, network with peers and grow? Then you should be attending the Social Shake-up conference taking place in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. It's organised by Social Media Today annually. And guess what? You can also attend in groups, with your colleagues and team members. A group comprising three or more persons gets a $100 discount per person. This social media conference is an annual event that gathers social media experts and businesses together, to redefine the meaning of social media as they lay out advanced social media strategies.


Attendees include: Marketers, social media managers, content creators, communicators, etc.

Date: May 6-8, 2019

Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Topics: Content creation, social media, digital marketing, etc.

Notable event speakers: Ann Handley of ClickZa, Andrew Davis, and Jason Dailey.


Cost: $995-$2,490

Event website:



moz con



MozCon digital marketing conference provides a knowledge-rich learning and networking environment to share up-to-date insights to help brands in their marketing decisions. With an amazing lineup of exceptional speakers, the conference will run for three days where there will be forward-thinking sessions and actionable tactics to step up your SEO game.

Attendees include: Content marketers, consultants, marketers of all kinds, agencies, etc.

Date: July 15-17, 2019

Location: Seattle, WA.

Topics: SEO, analytics, content marketing, growth hacking and more.


Cost: $799-$1,299

Event website:



smx london



Is your search marketing efforts not paying off? This is the time to get it right by attending the Search Marketing Expo. Organized by Search Engine Land, this conference is an annual event and it will hold for three days where there will be strategic sessions on SEM, SEO, and online marketing to help boost your search marketing efforts.

Attendees include: SEOs, search marketing agencies, brands, businesses, etc.

Date: May 21-22, 2019

Location: London, UK

Topics: SEO, SEM, paid search, and social.


Cost: £395-£1,695

Event website:



search marketing summit



Running in its 12th year, Search Marketing Summit is the leading search marketing event in Australia for SEO and SEM experts. It’s the best place for online marketers to share industry techniques related to marketing and update their skills. A great place for networking too.

Attendees include: SEOs, digital marketers, agencies, brands etc.

Date: May 7-10, 2019

Location: Sydney, Australia.

Topics: SEO, SEM, link building, content and more.

Notable event speakers: Mike Grehan of Acronym Media and others.


Event website:





Digimarcon Middle East 2019 conference is a digital marketing and exhibition event you shouldn’t miss for anything. This conference will be exposing attendees to the latest innovative digital tools for improving customer service and building traffic. It’s also a networking avenue to collaborate with influencers and peers, and will be happening in the gorgeous city of Dubai.

Attendees include: Brands, agencies, innovators, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, etc.

Date: October 22-23,2019

Location: Hyatt Regency, Dubai

Topics: SMM, digital strategy, customer engagement, content marketing, sales automation, etc.

Notable event speakers: Bahia Nar of Fireworks Consultancy, Nick Vinckier of Duval Union Consultancy, Sharanya Ramachandran of Zoho Corporation, and Christian Farioli.


Cost: 1 day access-$497 (early bird rate), 2 days access-$897 (early bird rate), VIP 2 days access-$997 (early bird rate), virtual access-$197

Event website:



state of search



The State of Search conference is an annual digital marketing event put together by Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association. The conference is focused on providing actionable and relevant content to businesses that want to improve their website traffic. It’s taking place at a historic event center called Gilley in Texas.

Attendees include: Agencies, SEOs, startups, companies, etc.

Date: November 5-6, 2019

Location: Dallas, United States.

Topics: SEO, link building, content marketing, etc.


Price: $600-$700

Event website:




Ready to step up your game in the digital world? The live SEO conferences entered on this list should definitely help you if you attend them.

As a business owner who uses and relies on search engine optimization and digital marketing to grow your business, it's recommended that you attend at least one SEO and digital marketing event per year. The benefits are great, as we've mentioned.

Now, if you plan on attending any of these conferences, it's advisable for you to plan ahead. Start putting the money together and make plans to clear your schedule during the time. And register early; some of the conferences have a discount for early birds. You can take advantage of that and get your ticket before the tickets all get sold out.

Always remember, attending any of these SEO conferences is a real investment into your career and business; so literally, the cost shouldn't be a concern.Don't forget to check out our array of super-helpful SEO tools and join the conversation on our Facebook page.





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