Logitech is Back with the MX518 A Gaming Mouse

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Logitech is bringing MX518 legendary mouse back. The original unit was debuted early in 2005. At this time, it became a blockbusting hit. Over 16.4 million mouse pieces had sold during this period. After its disappearance, fans were requesting Logitech to bring this beautiful mouse back. It seems Logitech acknowledged their demands.

With the similar classic lines, the new and improved MX518 mouse comes with updated materials and beautiful colorway called “Nightfall”. The mouse features eight programmable buttons and onboard memory. The mouse can save your profile without any Logitech software while you move between PCs.

With upgraded internals, the new version of this gaming mouse is a classic sleeper, self-effacing on the exterior and supercharged on the interior. Hero of Logitech is equipped with a 16K sensor for tracking without any acceleration, filtering or smoothing over the 100 to 16,000 DPS rage. With its unique features, every shot has particular importance.

The current model comes with 32-bit ARM chip and a 1ms refresh rate. Latest gaming mouse allows you to add flick shots in FPS games and frequently hit the target, the main reason behind the popularity of 00s-era version.

The glossy top feels more comfortable to users with a palm grip. MX518 measures 5.16 x 2.87 x 1.69 inches and weighs 3.6 ounces. For some people, a special mouse for gaming can be an astonishing thing, but a gamer can understand the importance of this mouse. Gaming mouse like MX518 is specifically designed for longer use. The design and material can improve your performance. Unlike a standard mouse, these models are durable and have special features.

If you are looking for ergonomics and comfort at the same time, you can choose MX518. This particular mouse can increase your comfort while working and gaming. Experts claim that MX518 mouse is equally comfortable for non-gamers and gamers.   

Upon reading the name, several people consider that this mouse is structured for gaming only. This mouse is available with several customizable buttons. You can use these buttons to copy, paste and delete data. Moreover, the mouse is equally useful to perform some basic tasks. With its unique features, this mouse can be the best option for you. MX518 is associated with gamers for its comfortable designs. With its smooth and ergonomic structure, you can play games for a long duration. If you need advanced MX518 gaming mouse, visit the site of Logitech and preorder for almost $59.99.  


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