Podcast Cover Design Guide: What You Need to Know?

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A perfect podcast is something that comes with an attractive artwork design. There are a high number of users who find the artwork more interesting than the title of a podcast. A great design is all about simplicity; there is no need to create a fuss in the design. 

Do you know that first impression matters a lot? Judging a book by its cover is not a good approach, but ironically people do this, especially when it comes to podcasts. The visuals allow you to stand out from others, and you can get a feature on the respective channel on which you are working. If you don’t have an appealing artwork design, then you are destined to be doomed. Your podcast can become a failure if it isn’t attracting users. The question arises over here, how to make your Podcast image a proverbial punch.

The cover of a podcast is synonymous with a video thumbnail. While you are in the process of creating one, make sure to take the time to view it in different dimensions and sizes. 

In addition, adding up text without reason only makes the cover complicated. In this complete guide, you will be able to learn how to design a podcast cover.  

You can get your hands and try on some handy tricks that can help you create attention-grabbing visuals. The podcast isn’t just about picking up the microphone and getting started to record what you are thinking. Before that, there are some essentials that need to be fulfilled. 

Let The Audience Know Who You Are? 

You need to think about your cover photo as a brand logo. Do not take the poster cover like a movie poster or book cover. The business letterheads, coats of arms, vintage advertising material, and other related stuff are great to get inspiration. There must not be a fuss in the design. The symbols, elements, and other objects should be used wisely, as they let the audience know who you are and what you are up to. The brains decode images that are simple, as there should be minimum high-contrast colors, familiar symbols, and minimal text. If you are good at depicting what you are thinking about the logo design, then getting a high chunk of listeners isn’t an issue anymore. 

Let The Audience Know Who You Are with Podcast

Is Your Podcast Cover Scalable?  

The podcast cover should communicate with the targeted audience in a vivid way, whether the cover appears on a large screen like a desktop computer screen or on a small screen like a smartphone. If someone says that an image doesn’t scale, it means that it doesn’t appear good at both the small and large small sizes. You need to make the podcasts' cover scalable. It is important for every podcaster to design the cover with extreme care. 

Clearly Communicate the Subject of Your Podcast 


The artwork should be designed in a way that the potential listeners must get to know what the podcasts are all about. You need to create the title of the podcast clearly, as there must not be any vagueness in it. Let’s take an example; suppose you are going to launch a podcast on hobbies, then opting for artwork related to the hobby will work in your best interest. The podcasts that are used to promote any brand or business are the ones that need to be executed with extreme care. You would have to look at various aspects to make sure that there are no errors or undesirable things in it. 

Never Try to Use Explicit Words or Images 

There is no need to use explicit words or images on the podcast cover. Most podcast streaming platforms don’t allow nudity. They are programmed in a way that hard drug use or violence is removed immediately. In addition, you also need to censor curse words from the cover. If you don’t know what is acceptable or not, then look at what others are doing. 

Bottom Line  

A perfect podcast comes with a number of elements. However, all of them are geared towards a single goal. You would have to tell the audience who you are and why the people need to listen to you. The podcast cover is one of those elements that you need to pay attention to.


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