Tips on How to Fix Bad Writing in Content Marketing

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The ever-evolving world of content marketing demands a lot from businesses looking forward to using this strategy to meet their goals. Nowadays, the attention span of the audience has become shorter, and they take their desired action rapidly. If you want your content marketing to work, then you need to understand that written words rule this realm. They contain the power to educate, inspire, and drive conversions while establishing a solid connection with the audience. 

However, marketing writers need to understand that instances of bad writing can hurt their goal of running a successful marketing campaign. You might have come across a blog post containing convoluted sentences, jumbled thoughts, and mind-numbing grammar mistakes. When you write such content, you’re making the visitors stuck in a maze with no clear path. If the visitors face this kind of frustration in reading your content, they will be forced to click the ‘back’ button.

To make sure your content doesn’t contain bad writing woes, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and learn how to fix them. You don’t need to fear overcoming this nuisance on your own, as this blog is here to assist with the best actionable tips. 

Read on to uncover how to fix bad writing in content marketing!

Cut Down the Length of Paragraphs

The first step for fixing bad writing in your content is to make it readable. Readability doesn’t come from sentence structure or vocabulary; it’s more about making things short and sweet to help readers easily scan your text. For this reason, it’s recommended to cut down the length of paragraphs and sentences in your content.

It has become essential to make your paragraphs short because shorter paragraphs are easier for people to read. Suppose that you have written remarkable content, but it’s all flooded in a single or couple of paragraphs. The visitors might feel intimidated and think of deducing nothing out of it.

By dividing your content into paragraphs, you can help readers easily link between different ideas. In addition, visitors who aren’t avid readers usually skim through the headings in content to get an overview. If the information isn’t in paragraphs, they will certainly avoid going through it and bounce back from your website. Therefore, you must bring regular breaks in your content with shorter paragraphs and sentences to enhance its clarity and readability. To achieve this goal, you can utilize a paragraph rewriter to assist you in rewriting paragraphs concisely.

Use Simple Language

Content marketing aims to generate leads and boost conversions through the power of words. However, if your writing contains complex language, it will never allow you to achieve your targets. While writing content, it’s essential to keep in mind that not everyone in your targeted audience would be able to grasp ideas from complex sentences. That’s why you need to ensure the usage of simple language throughout your content.

When searching for content creation tips, you’ll find one common tip in almost every other source that guides you on avoiding jargon. We also recommend the same, as technical terminologies aren’t easy for the broad audience to understand. You should only use those words that are understandable for everyone. By doing so, you’ll be able to make your content engaging while guiding the visitors to take your desired action. 

Follow an Appropriate Tone

When it comes to writing, content marketers have the option to follow different types of tones, such as formal, informal, assertive, encouraging, curious, etc. However many people are misguided in the selection of tone, as they are taught to avoid using certain writing styles. When you’re writing content to sell an idea, product, or service, it’s essential to understand the audience and make an informed decision on the tone after this analysis.

Suppose that your business sells toys for kids. In this realm, your tone in content needs to be funky and informal, as being formal won’t work here. Similarly, the technological sector needs to keep its tone formal and encouraging, if you follow an informal tone, then the targeted audience won’t be interested in going through your content.

In short, you cannot say a certain tone is right for content marketing, and the rest of them are of no use. The tone of your writing needs to be adjusted as per the targeted market to obtain fruitful results.

Review Grammar and Punctuation

Grammatical mistakes can haunt content marketers badly, as their existence makes the audience question the quality of products or services you’re offering. You can think of it yourself; what impact would a business leave on your mind when you come across simple grammatical errors, missing punctuations, or typos? You’ll not be interested in proceeding, as such mistakes will put doubts in your mind.

Therefore, you must review your content’s grammar and punctuation. You can do it efficiently in multiple ways. Reading your text aloud is one of the best strategies that can help you come across grammar blunders. When you read out loud with full concentration, you’ll surely stumble across missing verbs, inappropriate words, and several other grammatical issues in your content. It would be better to identify mistakes on your own and rectify them instead of putting the audience in this situation and earning a bad response.

Get Your Work Proofread

Reviewing content on your own is good, but getting it proofread by another person is even better. It’s because someone proficient in dealing with proofreading tasks can see your content from a different perspective. 

Before getting your work published, it’s essential to get its mistakes detected and rectified with the help of a proofreader. When you review your content, several mistakes might remain unidentified. As you read the words, the idea and concept of the entire content are already in your mind. Hence, you must get the assistance of a professional to fix your bad writing and prevent your content marketing from failing.

Get Assistance from an online tool

Proofreading content to fix bad writing is great, but it cannot ensure your work is 100% errorless. The grammar rules involve several intricacies, and it’s hard for writers to write flawless content in one go. You should understand that every human is prone to making mistakes; hence, to fix bad writing, you can take the assistance of an online grammar checker.

This is an automated tool that is trained on language-based data to make it capable of detecting grammatical errors. Besides detection, this utility provides help in their correction. In a nutshell, you can save yourself from all the hassle involved in fixing bad writing in content marketing with this online facility.

Final Thoughts

In the last analysis, fixing bad writing in content is crucial for content marketers to boost their performance in the online world. If you wish to stay one step ahead of competitors, then you should take care of content quality. The tips discussed above can help you discover what needs to be done to eliminate the elements that lead to bad writing. By taking care of these factors, you can ensure you reach the targeted audience with your content and build a lasting connection with them.


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