How to Formulate Interview [Discussion] Based Blog Posts?

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The writing of interview-based blog posts is quite laborious for the writers. The interviewing subjects are intimidating, and arranging the answers in a coherent story is difficult. However, if the interview is done correctly, it will provide a profound insight into the subject's life, thoughts, and opinions. You can communicate a certain concept with the readers through an interview-based article. If you are good at planning interview articles, then you will likely grab the audience's attention. 

The basic purpose of interview-based blog posts is to engage the users with your brand. Therefore, you need to know how to accomplish the objective. This article will discuss what an interview article is and how to write it. 

What is an Interview Blog Post? 

The interview articles present various standpoints on a topic or group of issues. In the news domain, the interview articles let the readers get high-quality information on critical topics from subject experts. For example, you are going to interview a historian on World War II, then he/she will provide a detailed insight about it. You need to address the reader while writing an interview article directly. Therefore, you should conduct and structure the interview in a way that appears to be intriguing. The interview should be conducted with a knowledgeable individual. It will help you to get insightful information on the topic. 

How to Write Interview-Based Blog Posts? 

Writing an effective interview-based blog post is certainly a tough chore. You need to be highly efficient in structuring the content. Below are some simple steps that are required to follow for penning down an interview-based blog post.

How to Write Interview-Based Blog Posts


Conduct Research About the Topic and Interviewee 

The first thing you need to do is understand the topic of your interview. Next, there is a need to find out information about your interviewee. It will help you get familiar with the topic and the person you will interview. Additionally, it will help you get more relevant and in-depth questions about the topic, which your audience might be interested to know from the person you are interviewing. Finally, you can research the background of the person you will interview over the Internet.

Furthermore, there is also an option of looking for issues that uniquely apply to your topic. For example, suppose the person you are going to interview is an author, then you can read their book reviews or talk to fans about their work. If you are well-prepared for the interview, confidence will be reflected in your questions. 

Prepare Your Questions 

Once you are ready to go with the interview topic, you need to brainstorm relevant questions. For writing an exceptional interview paper, there is a need to come up with engaging questions. If your research is strong, you can formulate powerful queries. You can go for open-ended questions to get an in-depth explanation of complex issues. It is because the close-ended questions only pave the way for a specific and prompt response. The questions must be in flow, and there shouldn't be any vagueness in them. 

Draft Your Article 

The first thing you need to do is write a rough draft of the interview-based article. It will help you give a starting point, and you will be able to determine what to add to the article for the readers. Regardless of what you will pen down, you need a strong persuasive writing strategy to ensure that you can immediately captivate readers' attention. The task could be accomplished by hooking the reader in the first paragraph. It could be an exciting detail or a quote. The ideas need to connect with the topic and the readers you are using as a hook. Adding up quotes also lets the reader feel more involved in the interview. 

Proofread, Revise and Review 

Like all the articles and blog posts, the interview-based article must be proofread, revised, and reviewed. You need to edit the entire article and cut unnecessary details that can only frustrate the reader. You can be on the lookout for grammatical errors, typos, spelling errors, sentence structure formation, and more. After finalizing the draft, send it to the subject of the interview and see if you have represented their views accurately or not. Proofreading interview-based articles is a must to avoid confusion or misrepresenting their views. Also, no one would ever want to read an article full of errors or mistakes. Therefore, you need to be highly conscious about the content you publish. In addition, you should also be cautious about the existence of plagiarism, as even if you have done it unintentionally, it can land you in serious trouble. In the revision phase, you must look out for instances of plagiarism and take the assistance of an online paraphrasing tool to get rid of this nuisance.

Tips for Crafting Effective Interview Articles 

There is certainly no doubt that curating effective interview articles is a tough and laborious chore. You need to go through a detailed process to come up with one. Below are some additional tips you can follow for writing down a great interview article. 

Tips for Crafting Effective Interview Articles

  • The first thing you need to do is follow the editor's instructions and pay attention to their views about the interviewee's interests. 
  • Edit and proofread the copy after a couple of days. 
  • You also need to keep a track record of the word count while writing it down. It shouldn't be long enough that the reader may get bored or more than short that important details may miss out. 
  • You also need to ensure not to add or subtract something from the interviewee's views, as it will be considered intellectual dishonesty. 
  • You can also include background information about the subject you are going to interview. It will give a more detailed insight to the reader. For example, if you are going to interview an author, you can add up information on the books they have published. 

Final Verdict 

In the last analysis, you must be highly attentive while writing down an interview-based article or blog post. There is a need to go through every step smoothly. From finalizing the interview topic to editing and proofreading, all the steps are required to carry out with extreme care. You cannot take anything for granted and must consciously work out different ends. 

Whether you are going to publish the article yourself or going to submit it to publication, there is a need to proofread it to make the content squeaky clean and error-free. There is also a need to check that you haven't altered the meaning or context of the interview. 


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