Why Use PPC Campaigns for Growing Your Business?

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Marketing through search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to promote your website and drive traffic towards your business. Ranking at the top of the pages with Google ensures that you’ll get consistent, high-converting traffic on a regular basis. However, with search engine optimization, it can sometimes take time for all of your hard work to be translated into tangible benefits. Another form of traffic is ‘pay per click’ or PPC campaigns, and businesses can utilize these while they are waiting for their brand to achieve a higher ranking on Google.

What are the Benefits of PPC Campaigns?

The initial advantage of using a PPC campaign is that it is so easy and quick to set up. You can create an account with Google and begin bidding on keywords relevant to your website, allowing you to launch a PPC campaign within a matter of minutes. After that, you may find that you are receiving higher volumes of traffic to your website within a number of days.

PPC campaigns are also capable of producing higher conversion rates than other forms of online marketing strategy. Studies have suggested that they could be fifty percent more likely to convert than organic traffic received from Google. This means that your PPC campaign should lead to higher ROI (return on investment) for numerous reasons:

  • PPC Campaigns can funnel customers towards your landing page
  • Utilizing keywords related to your product or brand ensures you receive relevant customers
  • You can utilize ads that are useful to the demographic that your product interests
  • Descriptive ad copy is more likely to convince customers to click through than a search engine advertisement

Measuring your Campaign Success

Another good thing about a PPC campaign is that the results are easy to calculate and measure. You can also look into the keywords that you are promoting to see how they are performing. This provides you with extremely valuable data, not only for your business in general but also for your search engine optimization campaign.

You can also utilize the AdWords that you have found to be most relevant to ensure that you target your advertisements towards a specific demographic group. Google permits online users to restrict their ads to certain customers based on criteria including location, age, and gender. However, this doesn’t mean that your advertisements need to be restricted to a single city. Google allows you to choose as many as 1,000 different cities for every campaign that you create, allowing you to scale according to your brand.


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