Why Cheap SEO Writers are a Waste of Time and Money

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Due to economic challenges, a website owner can easily find SEO “writers” to produce content for online marketing… and it’s dirt cheap. The average going rate seems to be about $5 for a 500-words article, but of course, you probably already know this.

It’s where many online businesses start because cheap content fits the start-up budget. It’s also why you are reading this article, wondering if your business will ever be successful because the thing you neglected when you chose a cheap SEO writer is the counterproductive impact of cheap content.

Content Marketing Should Help You Grow, Not Hold You Back

A successful content marketing campaign involves a powerful persona… defining your brand as something unique. It sets you apart in any industry and gives your core audience a reason to choose you over every other option available. Content marketing focuses on the information your best customers want… not just the topics that sound good to you.

On the other side, there is cheap content. For $5, you can pay somebody from the Philippines to take one of your keywords and give you 500 words that may or may not even make sense. But hey, if it passes a plagiarism tool…

It Defeats The Purpose

Most of the time, business owners choose cheap content writers because they want to get on the front page of Google and then worry about engaging humans later.

Well… good luck with that. Cheap articles are usually spun, which usually results in being blacklisted by search engines.

Shortcuts Turn Out To Be The Longer Way There

If you are really serious about reaching your destination, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by sticking with the long way and doing it right. Take your time to make a plan and to identify potential obstacles beforehand so you can also look for solutions. The less backtracking you have to do, the better because you can consistently move forwards.

It may sound tempting to try and save some money now, but in the long run, you will be wasting more than just money on repairing the haphazard content that not-so-surprisingly has been holding you back.

The Point Is Clear. The Choice Is Ultimately Yours.

There will always be cheap SEO writers willing to work for slave wages. But the writers you should hire are actually those who have acquired the skills and experience to recognize their worth. A true quality content writer will do so much more than deliver a page of words… but first, you must recognize that you need more than a pile of nonsense to grow your business.

Like most startups, your budget might be limited. That will never let you think beyond hiring cheap SEO writers. But being on a limited budget, you can still produce valuable content to achieve your goals. It can be done by using an online paraphrase tool. This automated utility is capable of providing high-quality content while saving many resources. You can take its assistance to generate text that will be much better than the content delivered by cheap SEO writers.


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