Which of These 3 Content Marketing Mistakes Are You Making?

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When it comes to content marketing, some business owners aren’t even aware of the mistakes they are making—or how it will affect their brand—until it is too late. A failed content marketing strategy isn’t easy to fix… because “nothing is ever erased once it has been published on the web” so it’s better to fully understand these 3 biggest content marketing mistakes that are made most often by the uninformed.

You Think It’s About You, Don’t You?

Sure, you think you know what’s in the best interest of your core audience but the content you publish is based on what sounds good to you.

It’s not that you should completely ignore the topics that are most appealing to you, but that might not be the best approach to take. Instead, try focusing on the issues that your best customers face as individuals.

The information is out there. What are they asking questions about? What makes them tick? What inspires or motivates them? What are their fears?

Get out of your own head, because effective content marketing is not about you.

You Still Don’t Get What “Original” Truly Means

Original content means that it's never published on the internet. When a piece of content successfully clears an originality check it identifies its uniqueness. Don't just follow the practice of rephrasing some words of the articles and make a new version with the same information.

When it comes to internet marketing, you should invest more time coming up with original topics, including a different angle or new solution to an old problem. This is the only way to stand out from the crowd and establish your brand as an authority figure (rather than another copy cat).

It’s not always that easy to be first, so at the very least you can dig deeper and put more effort into your topics. Include media, link to resources, and give clear examples. Be as complete and thorough as possible.

You Missed The Voice

Not the show, but your own. Every successful content marketing strategy leads to more exposure to a targeted audience for your brand. You brand is not just your products or services, it is the personality that your best customers connect with. It is the reason your audience will ultimately choose to remain loyal to you over every other option available. Having a persona is simply not optional, and the absence of a voice will only ensure your content is lost in the sea of “dull” options, ignored for those that are more memorable.


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