Rebranding? 5 Steps for a Seamless Rebirth

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Even if “nothing is broken”, rebranding is essential for a successful business. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. To put it simply, what worked in 1999 probably won’t still work in 2014. So yes, you do have to continue to grow and improve with the times.

Like an old pair of slippers, your brand has become comfortable. So you keep trying on new things to see how they fit, and in the end you settle for something almost identical, only the color is different.

Except that’s not really true because your brand is not a pair of slippers and it’s not just your logo. Changing your logo does not change your brand.

What promises does your brand make?

What are the qualities that your audience will associate with your product? Focus on the feeling you want to create in your best customers, what you want them to expect from you, because that promise is the foundation that your brand stands on.

What do your customers think?

Collect feedback from existing customers to find out how they feel about your products. After all, their opinion matters far more than your own.

What isn’t working?

Don’t be sensitive about your flaws and shortcomings. Learn from them. Determine where you are failing to connect with your audience and decide how you can change.

Consistently clear communication of your brand.

Communication is an essential element of your brand. Whether it is an ad on TV or a response to a complaint on Facebook… there has to be a clear and consistent communication with your audience.

What is your story?

This might even be reason #43 why what worked in 1999 does not apply in 2014. Your business grows, and you have a story to tell. As a startup, your story focuses on the why. Without abandoning this story, an established business should also tell about results. Every brand has a unique story to tell… what is yours?


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