WhatsApp Features: Fingerprint Lock For Chats And Audio Messages

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After the recent news about WhatsApp stopped working on millions of cellphones which used Symbian OS, now here’s another update. The mobile phones didn’t have fingerprint feature which adds more to the security and makes the phone inaccessible for strangers.

According to the news, the company soon is going to introduce a new feature which is fingerprint and facial recognition lock. According to the report earlier the company was going to release a fingerprint and facial recognition lock for iOS users, but due to the developmental reasons, the features are not available right now. Soon the company will be adding a dark mode to this social chatting application which was long required by the users because everyone was tired of the same theme.


It is a piece of good news for WhatsApp users on Android, due to the problems in the iOS developmental phase the company started focusing on fingerprint authentication for Android users. The new update will be WhatsApp beta 2.19.3.


WhatsApp fingerprint security


According to the earlier news, this feature was going to be introduced for iOS only but the recent report says that these two features will be available on both iOS and Android users. Soon users will see an option in the application from where they can enable the fingerprint or facial recognition lock.

The company owned by Facebook is adding an extra layer of security which will require users to authenticate every time they start using the WhatsApp application. According to one report, in the new update, there might be an improved version of the audio recorder which will allow the users to listen to the audio file before sending it to anyone. The users will also be able to send up to thirty audio files at the same time. We don’t know yet if this new feature will allow us to assemble the recorded audios before sending or will record one by one.

WhatsApp will also be adding features for iOS users which includes 3D touch action for status, replay privately and adding personal stickers feature and a lot more. We all are waiting for this fantastic update, are you?


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