Google And WordPress Developing A Publishing Platform

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Google is a search engine whose crawlers are responsible for indexing websites on Google’s servers and for reporting any misuse of sites as well. Sites which can harm your computer or contains content people should avoid, Google takes care of such websites as well. Google has a section where it publishes news from all around the world, and various news reporting websites and publishers generate the news.

Google and WordPress Newspack

Now, Google has decided to partner up with WordPress to develop a platform where publishers from all around the world will be able to publish local news, and people from different countries based on their location will be able to access all their surrounding news. The development on Newspack will begin in a few weeks, and according to Google it has invested almost 1.2 million to create this Newspack platform, and it will be available in this year to every publisher around the world.

Newspack is an opportunity for journalists to do what they do at their best. According to Google, A journalist’s job is to write stories and cover the surroundings they won’t need to worry about the designing of websites, working on CMS and build a website for commerce systems. This publishing platform will solve all their problems so they can prepare their news and post freely. Publishers can use the plugins by WordPress developer’s community, but this Newspack is not designed to meet all the needs of publishers.

To be very specific the Newspack will be created to help small publishers to write more stories without worrying about any website’s development or SEO. Spirited Media and News Revenue will be working with Newspack to help publishers need. Google’s role will be to take care of the features of the Newspack and will be providing any technical support required by the platform. According to the news, this platform is also receiving funding from an institute called Lenfest; who have contributed $1 million and will continue to help.


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