Most Demanded Skills According To Linkedin In 2019

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LinkedIn released a list of skills categorized as professional that companies require the most in the year 2019, also according to LinkedIn data there are more than fifty thousand skills in the world that can be called professional, but the most important are shared in the list. According to the data, there are two categories the hard skills and the soft which are the most important for the companies this year. These are the skills which are hard to find, are quite valuable and will help you to serve your clients in a better way.


linked Demanded Skills


Almost fifty-seven percent of leaders today say that soft skills are more important than hard skills, results are based on LinkedIn’s data. What they need is creativity where employees can think of a solution before the problem even arises where the company stays prepared for what’s going to come. They want tactics for marketing where people can make others buy their stuff. Going with the flow and understanding is the biggest thing a company requires as the projects and the company grows, effective collaboration becomes necessary. The last thing needed is time management which will serve you the rest of your position.

If we talk about the hard skills, it includes management, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, designing, and development. Now there are several sub-categories to these five main categories. These are the most demanded hard skills according to LinkedIn data, and the companies in the year 2019 will need people with the following qualifications. Employers won’t have to find the right person for the job because it requires a lot of time. The real purpose of this generated list is to save the quality time of the bosses.

The list is generated on the basis of what employers want and people with what type of skills are hired the most in the past year. Also, according to LinkedIn, they have generated lists in the cities where they have at least a hundred thousand users.


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