Tips for Maximizing Your Landing Page Leads

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At one point or another, we’ve all been in that situation where our internet browser directs us to a landing page with an amazing headline, immediately followed by a form expecting you to fill out your details. The banner at the top of the page may be impressive, but it’s unlikely to convince most browsers that they should hand over all of their personal information. Perhaps if the landing page in question has been specifically tailored for people who already know the main aspects of the offer, and just want to get started, you’d be able to get away with nothing more than a header. However, it’s important to remember that all visitors are not the same, and different users will come to your website with different needs.

Generally, the majority of your visitors will need more convincing and elaboration on the advantages that you are offering to them before they provide their info. So aside from simply listing all of the wonderful things that your product or service could do for your potential customer, what can you do to maximize your landing page leads?

Reach Out

If someone gives you their email address but doesn’t necessarily want to sign up and pay for your product straight away, don’t allow that information to sit gathering dust. Reach out to people with promotional emails and offers so that they remember who you are. They were obviously interested in your brand, to begin with, otherwise, they wouldn’t have subscribed to your newsletter, and sometimes, all you need to do to turn visitors into customers is remind them that you’re still around.

Stay Updated

Make sure that your landing pages are constantly kept up to date with fresh information that could help to convert your customers. For example, if you are advertising an e-book that has been recently publicized by a local celebrity, make sure that you add links and quotes regarding this to your landing page. If your long-time product has been adapted to make it perform better, explain how the latest updates make a difference.

Different Pages for Different People

Remember, not all of your consumers are the same, so they may not need to be directed to the same landing page. Some people are simply browsing and have no interest in purchasing any of your services, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to sign up to a newsletter or follow you on Facebook.

Segmenting your database can be incredibly helpful when it comes to making sure the right people get the right information. For example, you can make sure people who are approaching a landing page after reading a page full of information about your product, do not have to skim through the same details all over again just so that they can fill out a form.


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