Improve User Experience for a Successful Online Store

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E-commerce is a simple, straight forward opportunity to launch your own business… and for that same reason, it’s also a saturated industry. In order to stay ahead of the slackers who expected it to be an easy (AKA lazy) source of income and keep up with the competitors who’re killing it… you have to understand that your entire website must be well maintained.

On one hand, you can save yourself a lot of stress and resources by doing it right and designing a simple & timeless website. On the other hand, you still have to keep up with the changing trends in the consumer experience.

Online shopping has become more mobile, social, and visual. This improves the buying process, but it can be more complicated for business owners who are forced to focus more on adapting to the latest developments instead of growing their business.

  • Use quality images to visualize products or services. A picture is worth a thousand words because it only takes a split second to process.
  • Group related products/services together into categories. If a customer is looking for shoes, they may also be interested in socks or accessories.
  • Make it as easy as possible to navigate through your site, on any device. It’s not just about being a mobile device friendly, it’s about being user-friendly.
  • Ensure customers receive superior service. From a useful FAQ page to multiple contact options, customer service can make or break you like an online store.
  • Publish product or service descriptions that stand out. Trader Joe’s and Groupon are just a few examples of memorable descriptions that come to mind. The point is to stand out and not-be-boring-about-it. To make people WANT to buy that product or service, you’ll have to do better than simply describing it!



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