Overcoming the Problems your Content Management System Won’t Solve

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To some website owners, content management systems are regarded as miracle cures, capable of solving any problem that a content marketer may have. However, although CM systems are incredibly useful, the truth is that they are not enough by themselves.

Many website owners have claimed that they hate their content management systems simply because they cannot produce the unrealistic results they had expected. Some organizations purchase a CMS in an attempt to solve various issues regarding content delivery and production. However, the truth is that a CMS can only overcome some of these problems. The following are three problems that your content management system can’t solve.

Absence of Personality

A lot of websites are seriously lacking the personality to make them distinct from other competitors. They’re either far too bland or much too fake. This is because most of the content for sales websites is written by people who are more interested in selling their products than engaging with their users. Websites with fantastic content convey a better personality and therefore stand out from the crowd. They do more than communicate information – they actively seek out customers and connect with them in the same way people do face-to-face.

The solution to this problem isn’t a CMS; it’s deciding on the personality you want for your website. Take the time to define your brand. Then, put together a style guide for your content, including examples of the writing that you think fits well with your company. Generally, your guide should include directions regarding wording and tone, and once you are finished coming up with all of the important parts, it should be distributed to your writers.

Of course, producing an ideal style of content is no simple task. You might need to consider employing freelance copywriters if you don’t have the ideal staff member ready to churn out excellent material at a moment’s notice. However, once you’ve found the right voice for your company, you’ll find that introducing more personality to your copy becomes far easier.

A lack of Community

Many content management systems come with various tools to improve community engagement, including forums, comments, and buttons that allow users to integrate with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, simply having the technology available to you will not build a great community.

The solution here is to build a relationship with your customers. Realize that online communities thrive on connections, more than simply the ability to use applications. If you want to build a successful community for your website, you need to engage with your users regularly, and this will take some time. Have staff members in your organization that constantly reach out to your customers, asking and answering questions and getting to know what your users want from you.

Poor Copy Writing

The unfortunate truth is that not everyone out there can actually write good copy. Some individuals directly copy content while others take the precaution of conducting a plagiarism check to prevent duplication. Even someone who has written for newspapers and magazines in the past may not be able to provide the ideal content for a web-based business. There is an art involved in writing amazing web copy that most people can’t get the hang of, and because of this, much copy on websites, today is unengaging, boring, and far too verbose.

The solution to this problem involves three separate steps:

  • First, get an editor for the copy you are putting on your website. This will take some pressure off your writers because they do not have to worry about writing the perfect content immediately.
  • Secondly, offer training to your writing staff that extends beyond simply offering advice on how to use the CMS system. Give your writers tips on what makes excellent content and what your readers like to see.

Finally, create a template for your content providers to help them focus their writing on your specific needs. A template should focus on several things, including the intended audience, the key message of the page, and the call to action.

You should also know that your copy will be considered poor quality and your entire business can face negative outcomes if it contains plagiarism. Any instance of duplication can ruin your chances of running a successful online business. Therefore, it’s recommended to take the assistance of a paraphrasing tool to get rid of plagiarism. This tool allows you to create a new version of your existing copy that doesn’t contain any replication


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