The Problem with Sales Copy

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There are too many sales page templates out there. There are too many self-proclaimed gurus promising to share the proven formula for writing copy that sells. As a result, there are way too many landing pages following the same methodology: from the red headline to the fake testimonials and the pop-up begging “Are you sure you want to leave this page?!” (Yes… I’m positive!)

The problem with sales copy is that it’s everything you hate about an annoyingly pushy salesman and nothing that works.

When a salesman asks a question to ignite an emotional reaction, consumers are more likely to respond. Even if it makes them uncomfortable. When a sales page asks that same question, readers can click away and pretend it never happened.

With that in mind, an effective salesman can be charming and know when to back off. (S)he can read the person they are communicating with and determine if that prospect is a truly interested, qualified lead. On the other hand, your sales page does not. So with that in mind, remember that there is a slight difference between persuasive and manipulative and that difference is very tough to accomplish with sales copy when you try to follow any “secret formula”.

Instead, keep it natural. The most effective sales strategy is to market to a qualified audience… reaching out to potential customers who will actually want to buy your product or service… and then laying out all the facts so the customer can make their decision.

Cut out all the fluff, the jargon, the silly tricks, and you’ll actually be able to establish trust with your audience. These days, trust is the most important way to close a deal there is… and it can’t be faked.


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