The Only Link Building Strategy That Matters

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If you’re still associating Page Rank with backlinks then you might want to catch up with the rest of your competitors and understand that driving targeted traffic to your website is not the end goal here!

The difference between aggressive internet marketing and sustainable web presences can be summarized in one (overused and misunderstood) word: quality.

Link building is best done through content marketing, so here’s what you should do:

  1. Choose a strong topic that offers a unique perspective or valuable information that your core audience will be interested in.
  2. Is your topic a keyword? Go back to #1 and start over.
  3. Write the article yourself, even if all you do is create a bullet list of information within that topic.
  4. Then, if you aren’t comfortable with your own writing skills, hire a copywriter to polish off your article.
  5. Now, you can publish it on your own blog if you wish.
  6. Or, you can pitch to publish on an external site and link back to your site. Clearly, you don’t want to guest post on a competitor’s website, but relevant websites may be interested in sharing your article—if it is valuable to their audience—and this will result in increased brand exposure to a highly targeted readership.
  7. Promote the hell out of your article! Even if you published on an external site, share the link on social media just as you would if it had been published on your own blog.

Link Building has really become a bad word in the internet marketing industry, but that’s only because the past approach had been faulty. The key is to market your brand as an authority and focus on building the links that matter… not trying to get as many backlinks as you can with the hopes that Google would rank you as an authority.


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