The benefits of personalizing a website for visitors

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If you bring up the topic of new website designs and digital marketing trends with the owners of small businesses, you’re likely to be met with a number of concerned expressions. Many innovations in design over the year have actually been somewhat inconsequential, doing very little to increase revenue. However, this doesn’t mean that a small business owner should simply ignore the option to personalize their content. Large enterprises have been using this technique for some time now, providing different promotions based on how often a user visits websites and targeting specific customers with deals based on their physical location.

Until somewhat recently, strategies of personalization in websites have required extensively large budgets and serious development in the way of resources and time, making them difficult to achieve for small businesses. However, technology, like the world today, is changing, so why should you personalize your website for visitors?

  1. It could Increase Conversions and Sales

Offering your customer the content that they want to see at the right time is essential when it comes to increasing sales. Research conducted suggests that around 40% of all consumers will purchase more often from retailers who personalize their shopping experience. This means that people are more likely to buy from companies that tailor their offerings to suit the customers’ specific needs.

  1. It Makes Your Visitors Happier

Remember, when a user visits your website, they don’t want to be overwhelmed with information that is completely irrelevant to them, especially if you throw the same information at them every time they visit. About 74% of all consumers will begin to feel frustrated with content that has nothing to do with their interests. The last thing that you want as the owner of a business is to become that annoying presence that users avoid.

  1. Save Time

One critical part of running a small business is managing your time effectively. As a small-business owner, you don’t want to have to worry about ensuring that your website has the ideal promotions, products and offers available for a specific time of year, or event. By using content that is dynamic, you can offer content and promotions well advance of different seasons, and trigger them to be activated when certain criteria are met.


Although it’s true that web trends can come and go faster than you ever expected, dynamic content is likely to be here to stay. Consumers today have come to expect a certain level of involvement with companies, and they want the people they buy from to have an insight into whatever is valuable to their target market. Because the technology needed to implement these strategies is now far more accessible, business owners big and small are able to seriously consider ways of incorporating them.






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