Simple Tips for Better Website Management Organization

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When you’re re-vamping your business website, or starting one from fresh, there is one simple thing that can help to save you energy, money, and time: organization. Knowing how to properly organize yourself can make your business life significantly easier. What’s more, the smallest actions can potentially make the biggest difference.

Step One: Create a Folder for Your Documents

You’re going to have information galore on your website, from content to contact details, and you need a space to store all of the documents containing this information on your computer. Although you may think that it’s fine to simply save files anywhere, it can easily become confusing unless you have a designated space specifically for your website. Go into your “Documents” folder, and create a new folder with the name of your website. Everything in that folder will be associated with your site, and only your site, whether it contains content, notes, videos, or images.

Step Two: Create an Email Specifically for Your Website

The issue that some small businesses have with setting up their company online, is that they give a single email out to everyone. Not just their clients, but also their business associates, co-workers, and friends. If you have one website email address, make sure that you have several folders within that e-mail software for storing information given by your clients separately to the information given by associates. This will save you a lot of time in the future.

Step Three: Get a Notebook

It’s true that we’re currently living within the digital age. However, keeping an old-school plain-paper notebook by your side can be a valuable way of helping you to organize your business. In your notebook, you can write down usernames for different websites, brainstorm ideas, and write notes on useful websites and marketing ideas that you’ve come across. It’ll be ideal for a quick reference tool, and fantastic if your computer crashes later in life, leaving you wondering where to go next.


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