The 3 Magic Beans of SEO

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You may already know the first two “magic beans” that create a strong foundation for sustainable, long term SEO success.

  1. Publish high quality content than people like to read
  2. Get linked to by as many related authority sites as possible.

But did you know the third most important element of optimizing for search engine placement is

  1. Social Media.

Social media is anything but new, and that includes its impact with search ranking algorithms. However, since social media wasn’t a “thing” when SEO first developed it is still fairly new and many traditional internet marketers have been reluctant to accept the weight of social networks into their industry.

The time has come to embrace the benefits of social media and its impact on your search marketing campaign. Now keep in mind that not all social networks can be a benefit to your business, so it is a mistake to juggle multiple accounts (or worse, have stale profiles).

The best approach is to focus on the social networks that your best customers are most active on, and keep your audience interested.

Content marketing goes beyond simply publishing great content. Ensuring that your content is optimized for people as well as search engines is one tiny piece of the puzzle… you also want to focus on how to gain more inbound links. The most valuable links are published on relevant authority sites as a citation, using your site as a resource. So it goes without saying that obtaining these links is impossible if your content is not up to par with high quality standards.

Tying it all together on social media: the more shares or likes your blog gets, the more exposure you get and your content is that much more likely to stand out to authority bloggers willing to link back to the original source.


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