The Lifestyle of the Modern Entrepreneur

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The mindset to complete your education and go to work for a good company has long expired, and only partly due to the continuing increase in student debt and unemployment rates. In short, it’s not worth it… especially when there is an easier and more profitable solution: start your own company.

Why It’s Awesome to Be A Modern Entrepreneur:

  • You get to make your own hours
  • You get to do what you want
  • You get to be your own boss
  • You get to work from the comfort of home

The list of benefits can go on and on… but slow down killer. The lifestyle of a modern entrepreneur is often oversold and overcompensated. It’s grand sure, but (like most things) if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.

So if you’re thinking that being a modern entrepreneur means you won’t have to work so hard and you’ll be driving a Mercedes Benz in your first year… guess again.

The Flip Side to the Modern Entrepreneur Lifestyle:

  • Making your own hours doesn’t mean you work less hours. In fact, you may be working well over 40 hours a week… without compensation. But you still get to pick which hours you want to work!
  • If what you want to do is not something other people will want to pay you for… you aren’t going to make any money doing it.
  • You’re going to realize that being the boss means more work and responsibility than you want.
  • You know that feeling of leaving work to go home and relax? You’ll never feel that way again.

Those are just some examples of how the modern entrepreneur lifestyle isn’t what you expect—as in it’s not what is promised when anyone tries to sell you the Lazy American dream… but that is not to discourage you from acting on your dreams.

Here’s the truth to being a modern entrepreneur, in reality:

You can be successful, and you will be successful:

  • If you are really passionate about what you do
  • If you are really good at what you do
  • If there is a want or a need for what you do
  • If you do what you do in a way that nobody else does
  • If you are willing to work really hard without making any money
  • If you are willing to continue pursuing your goals, even if it might take 7 years before you are successful
  • You are doing what you do for the right reasons
  • You put quality first
  • You do not give up… but you do learn from failures


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