Snapchat Is Considering The Idea Of Making Public Posts Permanent

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Snapchat Is Considering The Idea Of Making Public Posts Permanent


Snapchat's latest plans could threaten its characteristic feature, i.e. the disappearing of the posts. According to recent reports, Snapchat has been considering the idea of increasing the lifespan of its photo and video posts. The posts could have an extended lifespan or even become permanent, unlike before.

Currently, only the username is displayed with the post, which helps to keep the identity of the users anonymous. However, Snap Inc. is also considering a way to reveal the actual identity of the user behind the public post. Reuters was first to break the news, as they say, that the information has been shared by “someone familiar with the matter.”

As per reports, the changes would only apply to the photos and videos shared to “Our Story.” “Our Story” posts originally had the lifespan of 24 hours, same as that of “My Story” private posts, but have already been increased to 90 days. The public content on “Our Story” can be seen by anyone outside of a user’s friends list and can also be embedded on the web.

Snapchat was built on the foundation of providing its users with a platform to publish photos and videos that disappeared after 24 hours period. So, it is going to be interesting to witness these changes; they are considering to make. Making the posts last permanently on their platform would be the complete opposite of what Snapchat is known for.

Reportedly, the changes are being considered to satisfy the news partners of the company, who say that it’s hard to work with them due to the temporary nature of the public posts. The fact that Snapchat stories will eventually disappear has been a hindrance in the way of news organizations embedding the stories into their articles. Moreover, the credibility of the content is also questioned as users are anonymous.

Technically, Snapchat could make more money from advertising if its content was visible for an extended period of time. Implementation of such changes that make its content more useful to its partners will also serve Snapchat’s interests as a publicly traded company.

There have not yet been any official statement regarding any of the rumored changes, and as per Reuters, the company declines to comment on the matter as of now.


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