Survey Reveals That Snapchat Makes Users "Happy”

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Snapchat might not be the most popular social media app, but it indeed is the app that makes its users “feel-good”. According to a recent survey, which was commissioned by Snap Inc, Snapchat is the app that makes people happy (does that mean Instagram doesn’t?). Hey there! you’re not the only one who loves the cute puppy filter. Wink!

In order to get insights into how and why people spend time using their favorite apps, Snapchat partnered with Murphy Research. The survey named Apposphere, included 1,005 app users between 13-44 years of age in a quantitative and qualitative study. And as per some 95% of Snapchatters, the app makes them “feel good”, which is more than any other app included in the study.

Younger people spend more time engaging with apps (18-24 years old spend maximum time using apps every month), and older audiences are also very committed to the technology. While creating a Snap account they ask for people's age but some people don't know their exact age so in that case they calculate age using an online tool 

It is no secret that there’s bad blood between Facebook-owned Instagram and Snapchat. Early in November, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel expressed how he feels about its competitor on stage at The New York Times' DealBook conference: "What people are experiencing on Instagram is, they don't feel good about themselves. It feels terrible; they have to compete for popularity."

The top three attributes associated with Snapchat as per users involved in the study are silly, creative, and attractive. “Likely because it’s a place where you can be yourself, stay close with good friends, and share your day-to-day.”, says the blog sharing the research study. While Instagram keeps its users inspired, entertained, and adventurous (no bad, hah). Facebook users, on the other hand, are better informed, overwhelmed, and guilty (oops!).

The survey also included top reasons for when and why users tap into each app. As per the study, Snapchat is more about chatting with friends and playing around with your favorite filters while Instagram is for celebrity and influencer content and Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends.

Although Snapchat clearly seems winner in this study, Instagram isn’t far behind. Despite the research being commissioned by none other than your competitor, yet getting 89% positive attributes doesn’t seem bad at all for Insta. This might not be the only evidence suggesting that Spiegel was wrong in his views of the emotional effects of Snapchat and Instagram.


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