A Bug In Facetime That Apple Couldn’t Discover

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A Bug In Facetime That Apple Couldn’t Discover


No doubt the logo of Apple means “Nothing is perfect” but how did Apple’s employees who find glitches in their OS and apps miss such a defect? Almost forty percent people around the globe use Apple devices and no one was able to find out about this bug except for a fourteen-year-old boy who accidentally stumbled upon it during a FaceTime call.

The bug was if you made a call and the person doesn’t answer right away, you can make it connect without him/her picking the phone up. All you had to do was add another person to the group call without disconnecting the previous one. You can turn any ones FaceTime to a microphone and listen to what’s happening on the other side. If you don’t speak the other person will never find out about the connected call.

It took more than a week to get a response from Apple after the person reported for a flaw in the FaceTime. Well, Apple has disabled Group Chat for a while and also said that they would fix this issue with a software update next week. Also, Apple spokesperson apologized to the customers who got into trouble like this and said the feature of Group calling would be re-enabled after the update next week.

Now, who knew a service that was launched in 2010 will ever have a flaw, which even Apple would be unable to find. Nobody knows for how long this app has been affected or was there a flaw in the app since the day it released. We’ll get answers to these questions soon.


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